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Gym bunnies, get excited! HYROX, the world's largest fitness race - which combines running an functional movement - is coming to Sydney and Melbourne in August.

More than 50,000 people have competed in HYROX events worldwide, which are renowned for being one of the most accessible fitness competitions in the world.

What to enter? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is HYROX?

Unlike other fitness competitions, the HYROX race is based on functional movements that you’re likely already performing in the gym (think quick 1km sprints, sled pushes and pushes, burpee broad jumps and rowing).

The moves aren’t super technical, which means the race is accessible to people of any age, fitness level or ability.

The competition includes eight rounds, which consist of a 1km run followed by a functional movement.

No matter where you are in the world, you will be competing in the exact same format as everyone else, but depending on your ability, your weights will vary.

You can also choose between four race formats – solo open entry, pro entry, double entry or relay entry.

How do you enter?

Visit the HYROX website and fill out the questionnaire to help you determine which level you’re best suited to. Then, head over to the race finder and sign up for either the Sydney (August 12) or Melbourne (August 26) event.

How should you train for the event?

Just as you would train for a fun run or half-marathon, you’ll need to prepare for your first HYROX race. It’s considered an endurance race as most competitors will finish within 1 hour and 30 minutes, so you’ll need to work on both your physical strength and cardio health.

Dedicate at least 8 to 10 weeks to training in order to best prepare your body and mind for race conditions.

According to Em Harlock, education coordinator for BFT, you should also familiarise yourself with the event format so you can tailor your training to each of the movements.

BFT, the official APAC training partner of HYROX, will be offering HYROX-specific training programs from June 5 to help competitors prepare for the race.

fit young man on rowing machine in gym

What is in the race?

Here’s everything you should expect from the HYROX race

  • 1km Run

  • 1km SkiErg

  • 1km run

  • 50m sled push (125kg/75kg, plus sled)

  • 1km run

  • 50m sled pull (75kg/50kg, plus sled)

  • 1km run

  • 80m burpee broad jump

  • 1km run

  • 1km row

  • 1km run

  • 200m farmer’s carry (2 x 24kg/16kg)

  • 1km run

  • 100m sandbag lunge (20kg/10kg)

  • 1km run

  • Wall ball (100 reps 6kg/ 75 reps 4kg)

To book into training ahead of the HYROX event, find your local BFT studio here:



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