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Just like us, pets have distinct personalities and your choice of pet reflects a lot more about you than you may think. They can show if you are an extrovert, disciplined, independent and much more. Are you a dog or cat person? Leading Australian vet Dr Sam Kovac lists five tips to find out.

Are you an extrovert or introvert? Dogs are friendly and sociable and prefer to stay in “packs” or family units. They love to make friends with others while taking a walk or even to tag along on the family vacation! If you are someone who is more outgoing and enjoys social gatherings, you’re more likely to favor an equally extroverted canine companion.

Cats, on the other hand, are more selective and prefer familiar and relaxing environments with their chosen humans. While this makes them seem indifferent to outsiders, cats are extremely affectionate with those they form a strong bond with. They are highly sensitive and display their affection in different ways. If you prefer a quiet, cozy evening at home lounging with your pet, a feline friend is your best match.

Are you disciplined or free-spirited? Cat owners are more likely to be disciplined and appreciate routines and proper planning. Cats can get stressed when you move the furniture around or change your work hours. This makes them the best pets for people who follow a structured and well- planned the person who plans itineraries hour by hour. Dogs, on the other hand, are free-spirited, and like their typical owners, have a strong sense of justice, self-discipline and loyalty,

Are you independent or like dependency? Caring for a furry friend is a hands-on job. Dog owners have more responsibility as dogs require more attention and human interaction than cats. Owing to their playful and active personalities, dogs love the outdoors and need to be taken on frequent walks and spend quality time with their owners.

They are energetic and love to engage in playtime with their families. If you’re looking for a best friend to do fun activities with who dotes on you and openly shows affection – look no further than a precious pooch! While dogs thrive on physical closeness and contact, cats are more independent and value their personal space.

Cats are incredibly undemanding pets and require less maintenance. They can be left alone for longer periods as they spend a large part of their day taking naps. They are the purrfect companions for those who crave affection but also want the space to do their own thing. If you are busy during the day and enjoy the simple pleasures of cuddling up to your furry friend at night, you’re more likely to enjoy the company of a cat. When your kitty wants your attention, they may rub up against you or lick you to show they love you.

Puppies sleeping in a wicker basket

Are you more commanding or patient? Dog owners are more likely to value the traits of loyalty and respect from their pets as dogs are more than happy to be dutiful pets as most are eager to please their owners.

They are easier to train than cats and willingly obey their owners’ commands, especially if treats are near! Dogs can pick up commands and partly understand human language if taught well. If you are assertive and like to be in charge, you will find dogs are the more agreeable pets. Cats are not as easy to train and need a more patient human companion who allows them to slowly learn what is acceptable or unacceptable behaviour.

They don’t understand human commands like dogs, but are more intuitive creatures. Being from the family of predators, they do not like to be tamed and like to be given freedom to do as they please. That doesn’t mean your cat isn’t loyal to you, they are simply more inquisitive and like to learn for themselves without too much restriction. Don’t cramp their style!

Do you like wet sloppy kisses or tiny ones? Cats and dogs are exceptionally affectionate and show this to humans in their own ways. Dogs’ express excitement when they see their owners and wag their tails madly, especially if they have been apart. They also lick their human friends and enjoy being petted and cuddled. If you are a physically affectionate person and like snuggling, who better to reciprocate your affection than a puppy?

Cats approach humans and rub against them, gently headbut them or expose their bellies to indicate their trust. Don’t be surprised if you find your cat licking your face – this is your cat’s version of giving you a ‘bath’. Cats lick to groom themselves and doing this is a sign that they consider you their own and are caring for you as you would for themselves.

So, did you find yourself identifying more as a cat or dog person? These are the points to keep in mind when deciding the ideal pet for you and your family. And contrary to what cartoons have told you, cats and dogs can happily coexist in the same household and supply their owners with unconditional love and comfort.

Dr Sam Kovac, a Sydney-based general practice vet, believes in extending the lifespan of animals through ground-breaking treatments. He founded Southern Cross Vet, with clinics in St Peters, Bellevue Hill and Surry Hills. Find out more:



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