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Dog sleeping on a rug

When it comes to interior design, rugs bring a sense of warmth, depth and texture to your home and are the anchor for creating an inviting zone.

And if you have a couple of furry friends or little ones running around, it is no surprise that you’d want a rug that you and the whole family can live on hassle-free.

Talla Ansari, an expert in interior design and co-founder of Melbourne's reputable Four Corners Rug, says for this reason, she recommends opting for a rug with a high wool composition.

"This is the easiest fibre to spot clean and, especially if it is handmade, it will provide maximum durability," she says., "We also recommend looking at what our furry friends' are attracted to to help with future-proofing your rug.

"For instance, if you have a cat who loves to scratch, it is best to avoid any rug with a loop pile or loose chunky weaves, or if you have a puppy with incredible chewing superpowers, it's best to avoid any tassels or textured edges.

Cat and working

"For the more price-conscious or those with wool allergies. there's also plenty of other fibre options too. One of our current favourites is PET yarn. While PET yarn has absolutely nothing to do with pets specifically (it's a fibre derived from recycled plastics) if woven well, it can easily withstand high-traffic areas.

"I personally recommend either our Strobe Collection, Texture Collection and Scope Collection for our fur-friendly familieS," Talla said.

Founded alongside her brother Ari, Four Corners Rugs was established with a simple view of making luxurious rugs attainable and approachable.

The pair wanted to change the way rugs were perceived and focused on inclusivity, education, timeless designs and personalised service.

Ari and Talla come from a trusted family of ruggists with more than 38 years of combined experience in the industry. After Ari spent some time studying business and Talla became a lawyer, the pair were drawn back to their roots and opened their own store together.

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