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A simple request from a friend for a pillow cover has led to a burgeoning Aussie business - a unique water resistant pillow carrier which is much loved around the world.

NSW woman Diane Tipper, who has a background in fabrics and sewing, says she "fell into the business" when a friend asked her to make a bag for her much loved pillow as she took it everywhere.

"She had always taken her pillow since a teenager, saying it has the smell of home and comfort." Diane said..

"I get this now as once I was away and had an enormous day tour and to come back to my hotel room and lay on my pillow was complete bliss that no words can describe. There is something about the comfort of your own pillow."

But it was when another friend asked Diana to make a water resistant pillow cover for when her son went camping with the Scouts in wet weather she knew she was onto something.

SleepKeeper is a water-resistant durable bag that simply rolls, compacts and fastens a pillow to a third of its size, even latex and memory foam pillows

When you get to your destination you simply undo the velcro and a pillow will spring back to its original shape. With a handle that slips onto luggage or clips to a bag to leave hands free

"The design and durability of the fabric and being water-resistant meant you could take a pillow anywhere and it would stay clean, compact and protected.," Diane says,

Diane Tipper with her SleepKeeper bags
Diane Tipper with her SleepKeeper bags

Diana spent a few years slowly building up her business, adding more colours to her range as sales slowly grew.

But with travel stopping in 2020 due to COVID sales went quiet - until they started rolling in from the US as people were still travelling, and later the UK, Germany, Portugal and Ireland as borders re-opened.

"So without ever planning on having a business I now have one.," Diane laughs.

"What keeps me going? I love my product SleepKeeper and I love hearing back from customers on how I have made it possible and easy for them to have their pillow, they are the ones that keep me going every day," she said.

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