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Media star Matty J with Jason Shipway
Media star Matty J with Jason Shipway

West Australian man Jason Shipway has officially been crowned ‘Australia’s Fastest Cleaner’ after battling it out against four of the nation’s biggest cleaning fanatics in the ultimate cleaning torture test.


In an arduous test of skill, tenacity, and overall cleaning ability, the five finalists from across Australia took on the House of Spills in Sydney.

Armed with nothing but fast-absorbing VIVA® Paper Towel, the finalists had to clear an all-white display home, housing some of the most common unforgiving spills and messes. 

Taking on everything from resistant red wine spills to a track of muddy footprints, Jason Shipway cleared the space in a mere 2 minutes and 14 seconds, earning his way to the crown and a cash prize of $5,000. 

The 22-year-old founder of a successful cleaning business, Enhanced Cleaning, and the face behind the popular cleaning TikTok page, @Jason_cleans, Jason Shipway, is thrilled to have put up a fierce fight against other expert cleaners from Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria and NSW.

“I’m so happy to represent Western Australia in the search for Australia’s Fastest Cleaner and to have come out on top!" Jason said.

"It was tough competition - I didn’t think I was doing as well as I did while I was cleaning - but I think my technique of putting down the VIVA Paper Towel over the big spills and letting it sit and absorb helped get me over the line.

"It’s a trick I’ve often taught my employees so it was great to see it help me in competition too.

"Beyond how much it means to my business to have won, it also means a lot on a personal front as I’m looking forward to using the prize money to help out a local cause that’s close to my heart.”

Jason Shipway’s win comes as a national survey commissioned by VIVA® Paper Towel revealed almost a quarter (24%) of Australians spend up to 20+ hours a week cleaning - though 42% admitted to tidying visible surfaces rather than deep cleaning. 

Hoping to use their new title to demonstrate how Australians can hone their skills to clean smarter, not harder, Jason Shipway’s tips for speeding up a daily clean include:

1. Clean a room from top to bottom, left to right.

A lot of Aussies don’t know where to start when faced with a messy room and can dive in headfirst, with no real plan. This can have a big impact on how well you are cleaning a room.

Begin at the top of the room and take time to dust shelves, fans and fixtures downward to catch falling debris before moving to the mid-level, countertops and furniture. To finish the room, use your vacuum to collect the mess that has gathered through your clean.

2. For spills, work from the outside in.

When a spill happens, our knee-jerk reaction is to throw everything at it to wipe it up quickly, but this isn’t efficient and can be wasteful of product.

Most cleaning solutions take 15-30 seconds to work effectively, so spray then wait a minute before grabbing a fast absorbent paper towel like VIVA.

Then, when wiping, start from the edges and work your way towards the center to help contain the spill and prevent it from spreading further.

3. Break down your cleaning to-do list into bite-sized chunks.

Breaking down tough cleaning tasks into smaller chunks will help save time down the track and curb those feelings of being overwhelmed.

Or, if you find all your cleaning jobs adding up at the end of the week, create a list and then assign yourself 2-3 quick jobs to get done each day.

Jason Shipway
Jason during the competition

Australia's Fastest Cleaner Finalists 

Arlene Jayne Bate, Victoria: 44 years young and based in Melbourne, Arlene spends her days working in the hoarding and squalor space, coordinating life-changing cleans for those vacating or moving in.

With a passion for cleaning built from being able to truly make a difference in the chaos of her client’s lives, Jayne loves the transformation that a good clean can provide, offering her clients a safe, calm space in the home so that they can focus on changing their lives one step at a time.

Denise Martinazzo, NSW: A 22-year-old western Sydney fertility clinician, Denise has always been passionate about keeping things in order.

Finding that cleaning helps put her mind at ease after a busy day and a fresh-smelling house soothes the soul, Denise often cleans for hours so that she can enjoy the peace a spotless house brings her. 

Jason Shipway, Western Australia: Confessing to loving cleaning since he was a toddler, and claiming his first word was “mop”, it’s no surprise that at just 22 years old, Jason has already built his own cleaning business in Perth, Enhanced Cleaning, which now employs over 20 cleaners.

Following his life mission to make cleaning more accessible, Jason has gone on to amass 48,000 followers on his TikTok page @jason_cleans, where he shares numerous hacks to help guide other cleaning fanatics on their cleaning journeys. 

● Libby Weston, Queensland: A 64-year-old Gold Coast grandmother, Libby is a disability support worker who is young at heart and has a love of adventure.

Having spent years cleaning up after her children and grandchildren, Libby has mastered the art of fast cleaning, aiming to have her house tidy as quickly as possible so she can enjoy the things that really matter in life, like playing with her grandkids, getting to the beach, or spending time at her local yoga studio. 

Nikita Gridley, Queensland: Previously a long-time hotel cleaner, who regularly won her employer’s ‘back of house’ competitions, Brisbane-based Nikita has built up a wealth of experience at the cleaning service, Maid2Match.

Described as diligent and efficient, and with 900 services under her belt, Nikita now expertly trains a team of 10 junior cleaners and prides herself on offering her clients simple cleaning advice to keep their homes maintained between visits.

Australia’s fastest absorbing paper towel brand, VIVA® Paper Towel has 3D Ripple Technology for ultra-fast absorbency and strength helping make cleaning easy, from soiled stovetops and benchtops to gunky bathrooms, muddy boots and greasy BBQs making it the perfect paper towel for everyday and everywhere mess. 



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