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Funday sweets

Sweets with a five star health rating? New brand FUNDAY Natural Sweets has emerged as the veritable champion of guilt-free indulgence.

Founded by confectionery devotee Daniel Kitay in 2021, FUNDAY has revolutionised the confectionery landscape by introducing a healthier take on cherished lollies, brimming with flavour, all-natural goodness, and an absence of added sugars or sugar alcohols.

Yes, indeed – savouring your favourite treats and preserving your health have harmoniously converged.

"We embarked on this journey to transform the confectionery experience, making it a delightful and nourishing one," a FUNDAY spokesperson said.

The genesis of FUNDAY happened after Mr Kitay's dissatisfaction with the sweet, calorie filled offerings lining supermarket shelves.

He worked with Australia's top food scientists, nutritionists and culinary maestros to shape his vision of guilt-free lollies.

Anticipating the burgeoning demand for health-conscious confections, FUNDAY continues to captivate its patrons with novel, tantalising flavours.

Once you've savoured the splendid fusion of natural flavours and the nourishing embrace of prebiotic ingredients, traditional lollies will pale in comparison.

Distinguishing FUNDAY from other sugar-free confectioneries is its wholesome, natural ingredients. While many sugar-free options resort to sugar alcohols like maltitol or sorbitol, FUNDAY employs chicory root fibre, tapioca-based soluble fibre, and stevia for its delightful sweetness.

And, notably, the brand proudly proclaims its GMO-free ethos, further solidifying its commitment to untainted indulgence.

From Gummy Snakes that invoke nostalgia to the tang of Sour Peach Hearts, the whimsy of Raspberry Gummy Frogs, Gummy Bears and Sour Cola Gummies, FUNDAY traverses a vivid spectrum of taste that promises to transport consumers to the joyful realms of their childhood.

Each bag of FUNDAY Sweets deliver a 5-star health rating, and a staggering 36.5% of customers have embraced the shift from traditional sugared treats to FUNDAY.



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