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Is this the hair product we have all been waiting for? An Aussie company has launched HairShots, a simple and easy way to achieve your best hair - ever!

HairShots contains concentrated Actives (natural ingredients scientifically tested to deliver the main benefit of the product) that allow you to tailor your own hair products to meet all your hair and scalp needs.

Aussie developed and made locally, the HairShots range complements your existing hair products by allowing you to layer high-performance Actives into them – much like we already do in our skincare routines.

The launch range includes six meticulously formulated products, each designed to tackle a specific hair concern or goal in numerous ways, and seamlessly complement other products in the range as you mix ‘n match Shots.

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The range includes:

Insta Lustre: Get an instant glossy glow-up with this lightweight Shot that combines two powerhouse Actives for shine, with two beautiful lipids for smoothing.

Keratin Bond Repair: Reverse damage and strengthen fragile hair with this Shot. It contains Bioactive Functional Keratin™ that bonds to the hair’s internal structure to repair from the inside out, as well as Actives for improved elasticity and texture.

No Flakes Antimicrobial: Say goodbye to dandruff with this Shot that uses 3 antimicrobial Actives to control dandruff. It also helps lift and remove flakes, rectify the scalp’s natural ecosystem, and soothe itch and discomfort.

Product Detox: Remove clingy product build-up on strands to restore bounce and unclog follicles with this cleansing and clarifying Shot. It also enhances the effectiveness of subsequent treatments.

Thinning Peptides: Taking a comprehensive approach to a complex issue, this Shot tackles excess shedding and thinning with a combination of Actives that anchor hair in follicles, stimulate the growth cycle, inhibit DHT, boost circulation, and prevent breakage, offering a versatile solution backed by clinical studies.

Scalp Balance: Give your scalp the care it deserves with this refreshing Shot that provides a facial-like scalp treatment. It lightly exfoliates with Lactic Acid, stops dryness and irritation with 3 soothing Actives, balances the scalp’s microbiome with Papaya Ferment, and leaves a cool, refreshed sensation with

Menthyl Lactate.

"The beauty of HairShots lies in their versatility. Since the Shots are added in your hand ... you have the freedom to use different Shots on different days (because of changing weather) or even combine them for a customised haircare cocktail," founder Kim Feitelberg said.

“HairShots recognises how diverse and individual our hair and scalp are. It also recognises that while most hair products are single-minded in their delivery - there’s the one for dandruff, the one for thinning, the one for frizz control - our hair is multi-dimensional in its needs.

"We’re breaking free from the limitations of traditional hair products and embracing a new era of effortless personalisation – a shift that’s already well understood in skincare, but up to now hasn’t been available in haircare."

Find out more at myhairshots.



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