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Sharon Hewitt
Sharon Hewitt

Perth woman Sharon Hewitt weighed more than 105kg at her heaviest. But after committing to her health journey, she lost an incredible 37kg which reignited her passion for life. And now, Sharon continues to feel better than she has for decades. Here, Sharon tells Lifestyle News how she lost the weight and became the 1:1 Diet Slimmer of the Year finalist.

Q: Was there one thing which made you decide to go on your weight loss journey?

A: I started menopause early – my mid-forties – and really struggled with some of the symptoms.

My mood started jumping around quite a bit, and I struggled with depressive moods and sleep.

As my menopause progressed, my weight started to creep up, and my self-esteem really suffered.

Menopause made me feel really out of control. All these changes were happening to me, and I could do nothing to stop it.

I continued to struggle on my own for a long time, trying to lose weight and thinking, if I could just control one thing, I would feel better about myself.

I reconnected with my friend, Michelle , and started to follow her journey on social media and I could see that she was having wonderful success with The 1:1 Diet.

I tried a range of store brought products as a first step, along with other diet fads but continued my spiral of try, lose a bit, give up and put the weight back on.

This constant yo-yo continued to influence my self-esteem and confidence until I found myself in a very dark stage of my life, the true low point of my journey.

I didn't love myself, or even like myself anymore. It was totally devastating when my son asked me to do a scuba course with him, but I couldn't do it because I couldn't pass the medical.

It was after this incident, when I was with Michelle again over a weekend and I built the courage to actually ask her more about The 1:1 Diet.

By this time, she had maintained her personal weight loss and looked stunning but had also supported several clients to become Slimmer of the Year Finalists.

I found myself in the right headspace and with a message to Michelle, and the goal to make a change was put in motion.

Sharon Hewitt
Sharon before her journey

Q: Over what period did you lose weight?

A: I lost 3kg in the first week, and then maintained a consistent loss between 0.5 – 1.5kg a week since! I first started with The 1:1 Diet in October 2022, and by January had lost 17kg.

Q: You used The 1:1 Diet - how does that work?

A: The 1:1 Diet is a meal replacement system, but instead of just relying on the products, you have a one-on-one consultant who supports you through the process.

They help you choose the steps and process you will start with; help you order products and check in every week to keep you on track and hold you accountable.

The meal replacements are full meals – not just bars or shakes – which are balanced and nutritional, and you can swap any number of meals in your day out for them, depending on your needs.

Q: Apart from the weight loss, what other positives have you found?

A: I have become so much more active, getting out and enjoying nature is double the reward. I hiked the Three Capes Track in Tasmania in January, which is a 48km hike over four days carrying a 15kg pack.

I’m also completing the Cape-to-Cape hike soon in the Margaret River region (124km over 7 days).

I am loving life, getting out walking every day and enjoying a longer hike with my friends most weekends.

I have also been kayaking and snorkelling along our beautiful WA coast and visiting the Ningaloo Reef and Abrolhos Islands.

It isn't only my social outlook that has improved, I am loving my job as I have regained my passion for teaching at my new school.

I am sleeping better, and my joints no longer ache. I feel so happy and grateful for my life. I feel like I have turned back the clock by 20 years.

My friends say that I look 20 years younger, or my dearest friend (of 40 years) even said just this weekend that I am the happiest she has seen me in years.

Q: What was your daily eating regime before your diet? What is it now?

A: Prior to starting the 1:1 Diet I would have cereal for breakfast, usually a whole grain or muesli with yogurt.

For lunch I’d have meat and salad or a sandwich and then a variety of foods for dinner, including pastas, rice dishes and meat and vegetables.

I only had takeout occasionally, but I did snack on sweet things (usually after dinner).

Now I am beginning to transition from weight loss to weight maintenance with The 1:1 Diet, I still use the breakfast shake and either another shake or soup for lunch.

My dinner is salad or vegetables with a protein serve but no carbohydrates. Snacks include vegetable sticks with hummus, or a handful of nuts or a boiled egg and a 1:1 bar.

Woman in wilderness
Sharon during a hiking trip in January

Q: Did exercise play a part in your weight loss?

A: I did some hiking before I started to lose weight but now, I love it. I gradually increased the distance I walked each week and currently walk 6-7 days a week.

Q: What's your message to anyone thinking about starting a health journey?

A: I love the changes I have made in myself, and the mental and physical changes have given me a new outlook in my life.

I’m always looking forward to my next adventure and I love sharing time with my family and friends.

I also want to say to other women experiencing menopause: you are not alone.

These symptoms, these feelings you have are real and they are not "all in your head". If your symptoms, like mine are influencing your self-esteem and body image seek out help.

Also, know that you are not alone, and by having someone to cheer you on it is possible to feel younger again and elevate those menopause symptoms that are bringing you down.



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