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Charlotte Figi
Charlotte Figi inspired a global movement

Charlotte Figi was the little girl whose use of medicinal cannabis to treat catastrophic epilepsy inspired a global movement that changed people’s perceptions.

That hemp oil, named Charlotte’s Web in her honour, has become the world’s No. 1 CBD brand.

And now. the family behind Charlotte’s miraculous turnaround, the Stanley Brothers, have chosen Australia to be the first market outside of America to launch their new company, Stanley Brothers, offering Australians a new benchmark of medicinal cannabis

They are also allowing Australians to buy shares in the company via Birchal equity crowdfunding. These people will become more than investors, however. They will become an army of advocates for the company, which will use its influence to push for more sensible regulations in the Australian market.


“In 2009, my brothers and I embarked on a mission to serve our community through wellness, shifting our focus from growing medical marijuana for cancer patients to researching and harnessing the health benefits of CBD and other cannabis compounds,” said co-founder of Charlotte’s Web CBD, Jesse Stanley.

“When we first met Charlotte Figi, she was suffering 300 seizures per week. After taking our CBD oil, these were reduced to two or three per week.

"In 2013, our hemp-based CBD products gained widespread recognition after being featured by CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta. This pivotal moment sparked a movement, challenging perceptions, changing laws, and accelerating the CBD industry globally.”

Following CNN’s reporting, interest in the brother’s tincture soared. Thousands of parents became medical refugees – moving to Colorado so they could secure the hemp oil for free via the Stanley brothers’ not-for-profit, The Realm of Caring.

Jesse Stanley
Jon Stanley

As production neared its capacity, the brothers turned their mission into a business and, in 2014, Charlotte’s Web the company was born.

As the world took notice, the company rapidly expanded. In 2018, Charlotte’s Web completed an IPO, with the brothers retaining 20% of the company. In 2020, with the acquisition of Abacus Health, Charlotte’s Web became the global leader in hemp-based CBD products. And in 2021, revenues for Charlotte’s Web peaked at USD $96.1M.

The Stanley Brothers continue to innovate and have chosen Australia as the first market outside of America to launch their latest venture, Stanley Brothers.

This venture focuses on the beneficial uses of the whole cannabis plant, with all cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes working together with other functional botanicals for targeted wellness outcomes.

“For nearly 10 years, Australians have been able to access medical cannabis legally,” Jesse Stanley said.

“While getting a prescription is easy, selecting among hundreds of products is becoming a major challenge, even for the most experienced doctors and patients.

"A trusted brand is needed to cut through the clutter. Over the past 20 years, our scientists have written 200 research papers and run observational studies with over 5,000 participants. Unlike most available in Australia, our products are both innovative and science-backed.

“Sadly, most cannabis distributed in Australia is grown artificially under LED lights in air-conditioned warehouses from genetics bred for the sole purpose of getting people high.

"We believe that our patients and the environment deserve better than that. That’s why Stanley Brothers is launching in Australia first.

“In stark contrast, we have gone into the Colombian mountains and rediscovered original landrace genetics, preserving their true healing potential. We grow them organically on our own farm at the foothills of the Andes, under the equator's sun, hand-selected and harvested by people who care from the local community,” Jesse said.

Stanley Brothers has signed up with Vitura, Australia´s No. 1 distributor, covering 70% of all pharmacies.

The company has also inked over a dozen commercial agreements with the largest clinics and prescribers.

Initial sales have exceeded expectations, and that's just from its launch product, the cannabis flower. Vapes, oils and edibles will follow shortly.

News of The Stanley Brothers’ Australian launch is expected to be well received by Australian investors, who are able to buy shares in the company on April 9 via an equity crowdfunding raise on the Birchal platform. This closes in four days.

“We established Charlotte’s Web more than ten years ago by building an army of advocates, and this army mobilised to create seismic change in the world.," Jesse said,

"Crowdfunding in Australia has the same impact – it builds a community of passionate believers who will help us pave the way for more sensible regulation in the Australian market.

"The money raised will be used for prescriber and patient education so they can make more informed decisions about their wellness.

"We will also invest in product development so a wider range of products can be introduced to Australia—treating a range of conditions that have shown real promise overseas already,” said Jesse.



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