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man with blue clay mask

Here's one for the boys: a blue-hued clay mask, a real game changer for men's skincare.

Created and made in Australia by Rhone Men’s Care, the clay mask addresses and treats a multitude of skin concerns from anti-ageing, dry and distressed skin to texture and even acne.

And best of all, you just need one singular application to replace lengthy skincare routines.

Brimming with bioactive phytonutrients, the nourishing and high performing treatment works to restore, rejuvenate and protect skin and contains Australian Kaolin Clay, Sandalwood Seed Oil, Bilberry Extract and Davidson Plum Extract.

With more men embracing self care, we see more brands offering male-tailored products that address male-specific skin.

Rhone Mens Care provides a range of expertly curated, purely potent and innovative skincare and grooming products that are formulated specifically for male skin, including the Blue Clay Mask, a multi-functional dual action Beard & Face Cleanser and an enhancing Beard Oil and treatment.

A spokesperson for Rhone Mens Care said it was crucial to understand that male and female skin was structurally different in epidermal thickness, sebaceous output and texture.

"Discontented with synthetic products available in the mens grooming category, Rhone Mens Care launched our powerful range using evidence-based and natural bioactive phytonutrients to assist male specific grooming concerns," the spokesperson said.

"Uncomplicated, accessible and uncompromising, the premium range of natural skincare and grooming products provide men with the effortless and manageable tools they need to look and feel their best. 

"After years of research and development, Rhone Mens Care was formulated by expert chemical engineers in state-of-the-art facilities, with no expense spared on the finest, purest and undiluted ingredients to support the integrity and health of men’s skin."



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