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Koko and Kush

Picture a world where the stigma of hemp has faded, where its name evokes images of vitality and wellness, rather than shadows of illicit smokers.

While Australia lagged behind in the legalisation of hemp products, its journey to using hemp's non-psychoactive cannabinoid in products has escalated - and we can can revel in its benefits without any fear of getting high.

Hemp is packed with good fats, omega 3, 6 and 9, perfect for boosting the brain, maintaining a healthy heart, great skin and hair and a healthy immune system.

When hemp transforms into a powder, it becomes a wellspring of complete protein and all 20 essential amino acids.

The versatility of the plant means it can be incorporated into your life in a variety of ways.

Founder of the new Australian skincare range Koko and Kush, Cindy Lim, was so excited when she began researching the benefits of hemp, she designed her whole range around the miracle plant.

Fuelled by frustration and the desire to heal her own skin, Cindy's hemp-infused serum worked wonders within days, inspiring her to craft an entire line dedicated to showcasing hemp's potency.

“I knew it was a controversial ingredient and one that wasn’t really used yet, but after creating my serum and seeing how it healed my skin within three days, I wanted to create an all hemp line to help educate and really show how powerful this ingredient is,” Cindy said..

hemp plant
Photo: Rick Proctor/Unsplash

Naturally Elevated has been involved in producing hemp products in Australia for five years, and, according to project lead, Holly Bartter, it’s possibly the world’s most complete superfood.

Naturally Elevated use hemp in array of products including yoga mats and bags, soap and regulated medicinal hemp.

Through their company Farma they have a medicinal cannabis dispensary with a 12,000 strong patient base of people who have not found relief through traditional medicine.

CBD and THC are very specific controlled compounds found in hemp as well as other types of the cannabis plant (with THC being the psychoactive compound).

In Australia, all medicinal cannabis (CBD and THC Schedule 4 & Schedule 8 products) is strictly regulated by the TGA and only available via prescription for patients who meet the requirements for this type of treatment, whereas hemp is legal and is readily available across all sorts of products in retail stores and online.

“The benefits are enormous. It’s nutrient rich and you can get quite a lot just from a handful of hemp seeds, which is great for vegetarians and sports people wanting to building protein,” Holly said.

“Hemp powder is about 70% protein and great for vegetarians and vegans.”

Just two to three tablespoons of hemp seeds can be mixed in a smoothie or sprinkled over cereal for a great nutty taste.

Holly said if you were keen to use the oil be sure to keep it at a low heat.

“The closer you get to the whole food format the greater the concentration of nutrients. Hemp seeds are a great place to start,” Holly said.

The hemp plant is super moisturising and anti-inflammatory so it’s great for eczema or psoriasis.

dog groomer

According to Holly there is good data from overseas that CBD oil is beneficial for the skin which will take skincare products to the next level.

“We are awaiting Schedule 3 CBD products to be approved for sale at pharmacies for non-prescription users, and we’re excited to see how this will open opportunities into topical skincare products that contain low-dose CBD,” she said.

Another way to incorporate hemp into your life is by swapping out olive oil for hemp oil. Taking it internally will also ensure glowing skin as well as a healthy brain and liver.

There’s even hemp tea from Hemp Oz Hemp Tea which will help you have blissful sweet dreams thanks to tryptophan which has been found to improve sleep patterns.

Even our four-legged companions partake in this hemp odyssey. Byron Bay's I Love a Dog. brand has introduced hemp-infused products, by Donna Lorenz, a creator and dog nutritionist.

Dogs benefit from omega 3 and 6, experiencing shinier coats, heightened cognitive function and relief from the pangs of ageing.

“Hemp is a super skin and coat conditioner and an immunity booster due to its unique fat profile,” Donna said.

The omega fats will improve brain function in the dog, just like in humans and will lead to better behaviour, attention and learning.

With such an array of incredible hemp products to choose from it’s easy to add some hemp to your daily routine and reap the rewards of this incredible plant.



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