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Whether you're a new mum navigating the challenges of parenthood or expertly juggling a few children, we understand the struggle is real. Welcome to the 10 minute workout for busy mums!

We know finding time for yourself can be as rare as a quiet moment in a toy store, so meet  Sarah Campbell, your go-to expert in pre and postpartum fitness.

She's not just passionate about empowering women; she's on a mission to redefine post-baby workouts.

Sarah has crafted a 10-minute workout designed not only to make you feel fantastic but to have you looking fabulous, too.

"As a pre and postpartum trainer the most consistent exercise routines are the ones that have the least amount of barriers to overcome," Sarah said.

This 10 minute workout is equipment free, uses minimal space, and targets your  major muscle groups.

It is also is low impact and pelvic floor friendly, which is great if you are a new mum returning to exercise post partum. 


10 minute exercise


10 minute exercise


10 minute exercise


10 minute exercise


10 minute exercise

Sarah said: "10 minute workouts likes this are so effective because they build self efficacy and  momentum when they’re done consistently.

"The feeling you get from accomplishing even a small workout pays dividends, and it’s well known that  exercise improves emotional wellbeing and reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression, in addition to maintaining healthy bone density, cardiorespiratory  fitness, lipid profiles, insulin levels and visceral fat levels.

"Often women feel the societal pressure to resume pre-baby high impact activities and exercises like running, with the goal of ‘bouncing back’.

"However, it is  essential to start with a low impact exercise program. Did you know that after childbirth, up to 50% of women will have some degree of pelvic organ prolapse,  30% will experience urinary incontinence, and up to 10% will experience faecal incontinence.

"Early interventions such as seeing a Women’s Health Physiotherapist (it’s never too late!), consulting with your GP, low impact exercises focusing on dynamic control, and strength training is recommended as first-line management."


Sarah's top tips for busy mums:

  1. Always check with your health professional before starting a new  exercise program.

  2. Find small windows of time to exercise, even if you break it up throughout the day.

  3. Have an exercise mat rolled up in your lounge room, ready to go.

  4. Start gently and as you feel more comfortable, increase the repetitions of each exercise. 

  5. Involve your kids! While your baby is doing tummy time, do your mat exercises (or if your children are older encourage them to join you!)

  6. Listen to your body and adjust exercises accordingly - if you experience any  uncomfortable symptoms such as pelvic floor heaviness or have abdominal  separation, it’s best to be assessed by a Women’s Health Physiotherapist.

  7. Maintain hydration.

  8. Nourish your body with wholesome and nutritious food.

Sarah Campbell is the founder of Mummas On The Move, specialising in exercise programs  for for pregnancy, post partum and beyond.



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