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Mother's Day is an opportunity to honour your mum with a unique gift to makeher feel cherished and truly special. Here, Lifestyle News reveals six exceptional gift ideas mum is guaranteed to love.

1. AROMABABY LUXURY CANDLES: Are you shopping for a new mum? Consider gifting these exquisite luxury aromatherapy candles, meticulously crafted and tailored in Australia exclusively for Aromababy. Infused with a baby-safe scent, they promise moments of pure bliss.

Garden Street Gin Club

2. GARDEN STREET GIN CLUB: Gift mum a special edition Mother's Day box fron online subscription service Garden Street Gin. It features a stunning pink gin from Spring Bay Distillery in Tasmania, infused with the essence of fresh Tasmanian raspberries from Westerway Berry Farm. Each box includes two bottles of Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic, expertly paired to enhance the gin's flavours, alongside dried raspberries to add a subtle fruity twist to your gin and tonic. To complement the experience, indulge in a bar of Benetto Dark Choc & Raspberry chocolate, perfectly harmonising with the gin's profile.

busy bee blossom

3. BUSY BEE BLOSSOM NATURAL SKINCARE: Explore the luxury of  Busy Bee Blossom's Australian-made natural botanical skincare, body care, and eco-friendly candles. Experience the richness of their small-batch skincare and body care products, offering deep moisture for skin as you relax at home.

chinese tea

4. HOUSE OF LIFE TEA: This award-winning luxury tea range was created by Chinese medicine practitioner Dr Marina Christov, and is made from premium black, green and rooibos tea infused with powerful medicinal herbs. Select a tea to aid sleep, immune defence, digestion or for skin.

collagen mask

5. ANNOD NATURAL SKINCARE COLLAGEN MASK: Give mum a touch of luxury with this award-winning leave on collagen mask. This luxurious, all-natural treatment goes beyond the limitations of a traditional mask - it absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy residue, allowing it to be used overnight or throughout the day. It offers a unique and pampering experience that mums will truly appreciate, promoting self-care and a radiant, youthful glow.

In Essence Wellness Set

6. IN ESSENCE WELLNESS RITUAL SET: Give mum some self-care with this sensory wellness gift. In Essence just launched two new Wellness Ritual Sets, a curated collection of three pure essential oils designed to lift your mood and calm your mind and body. Available in two varieties UPLIFT and UNWIND, the In Essence Ritual Wellness Sets each contain three pure essential oils (3x 5ml), crafted to positively stimulate the mind, body and soul. 



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