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Laura Bryne with her dog Buster

National Pet Adoption Month Ambassador and media personality, Laura Byrne, has urged Australians to open their hearts to adopting or fostering a rescue animal this March.


Laura’s adopted dog, Buster, came into her life eight years ago when she was having a tough time and had recently gone through a break-up.

She befriended her neighbour, who was fostering Buster, and quickly fell in love with the gorgeous pooch. After a few months of taking him for walks and getting to know him, Laura officially adopted him.

Now, Laura, husband Matty J and their children Marlie-Mae and Lola have chosen a rescue kitten and will be welcoming her home soon.  


Here Laura talks about why you should adopt a rescue animal.


Q: Why are you passionate about rescue animals and pet adoption? 

A: I strongly believe that everyone should adopt. There are so many incredible animals out there who are desperate for a loving home. Designer dogs may have behavioural issues, and this seems to be overlooked and lumped onto rescue animals.

It is often the biggest reason that people give for not wanting a rescue - thinking that they might be dangerous or have anxiety, but purebred animals are just as likely to have special needs.

Rescue animals are incredible - it is the compassionate way to get a pet, and you just know that there is a deep appreciation from them for it. 

Q: What makes rescue pets so special? 

A: There are so many reasons why rescue animals are truly incredible. For me, one of the most overlooked reasons is that as much as adopting an animal in need is in essence "rescuing them", often animals save us too.

I was in a really sad place in my life when I adopted Buster; I was fresh out of a bad break up, in a terrible headspace and felt really lonely. I always say Buster was my rescue animal, because adopting him pulled me out of one of the toughest periods of my life. 

There is also a misconception that rescue animals are going to be harder - this idea that you 'don't know what you get', but Buster is the sweetest, most gentle angel ever.

He went through some big scary stuff and lost a leg when he was a puppy, but it has not adversely affected him at all in terms of his temperament and personality. He is a giant beautiful baby.

Laura Byrne with a kitten

Q: What temperament & breed is Buster? 

A: Buster is a Bull Arab cross. He is a giant beautiful baby - The goodest boy! Buster has been with me since 2016 and has been by my side as our family has grown.

First came Matt, and then our two daughters, and he is still the most gentle giant with them. People think because of his size he might be aggressive, but he is so soft. 

Q: What does the bond between pets and people mean to you? 

A: The bond between pets and people is all about their loyalty and consistency. We have such an incredible connection with our pets, in the way that we do with our families and children (if you have children).

One of my favourite parts of the day is Buster galloping down the hallway to greet me when I come home. 

Q: What have you learnt from rescue animals? 

A: I have learned so much from Buster as a rescue. I just know how much love they have to give and how incredibly smart they can be. Buster is one of the smartest dogs I have ever had. 

Petstock Foundation is celebrating a milestone 10 years of National Pet Adoption Month, an initiative that helps find loving homes for pets. The Foundation has helped find homes for 40,000 rescue pets across Australia and New Zealand.



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