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More than 76% of pet owners in Australia are worried about being able to afford their pets' vet bills, despite more than 31% of pets being insured, a new study has found.


Online Pet Shop Fur King surveyed its customers to see if the cost-of-living crisis was affecting people's pet spending.

It found 40 per cent of its customers were worried about being able to afford to feed their pets, and many said they had moved to cheaper dog food brands and were buying fewer treats,

The survey also showed that we love our pets. Only 37 per cent said they would spend less on their pets this year than in 2023, and many commented that they would rather go without than spend less on their furry friend.

“Cost-of-living pressure is affecting all areas of discretionary spending, including pets. Despite this, we have found that many customers will put their pets’ needs before their own." Fur King General Manager Tom Sadler said.

"There have been multiple instances where customers have told us that they have cut back on spending on their own food to be able to feed their pet or pay a pet’s medical bill.”

Veterinarian Dr Leigh Davidson, from Your Vet Online, said: “I have seen a significant uptake in people not turning up for vet appointments. Unlike other service providers, most vets don’t charge a deposit for a booking, and we see up to 20% of appointments being no-shows.”

“There has been a trend of customers putting off initial screenings such as blood tests. Whilst these can cost around $200-300, they allow for early diagnosis and treatment that can often prevent a much higher bill in the future.

"My worry is the next thing to suffer will be dog dental hygiene which not only causes significant oral disease but can predispose to expensive long-term health problems, not to mention the welfare implications.”

Dr Moss Siddle, veterinarian founder of Medechat said: “There are more pet owners enquiring about payment and wellness plans where the cost of routine veterinary care can be spread out over 12 monthly payments.

"Costs of veterinary care have escalated more than inflation, with drugs and wages increasing around 30% over the past 12 months," he said.

"Insurance is often perceived as not being worth it but it is a good way of being able to pay for the big expense items should they arise.”



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