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Auriche founder Lana Kelly (centre) with model Brooke Finato & make-up artist Emma Chen
Auriche founder Lana Kelly (centre) with Brooke Finato & Emma Chen

A skin cancer survivor and avid self-tanner has created the world’s first range of hair care for fake tan enthusiasts to protect their hair from the damaging and unsightly effects of tanning products.

Auriche is an Australian haircare range developed after ground-breaking University of NSW research confirmed the damaging effect of fake tan on all hair.

Founder Lana Kelly said she created the protective products when it looked like she was going to have to choose between golden hair or golden skin.

“After a decade of regular fake tanning, I noticed persistent discolouration around my blonde hairline and realised that weekly spray tans were the culprit," she said.

"Forced to choose between my hair and my skin was an impossible decision so I decided to find a solution that meant I wouldn’t have to sacrifice one for the other.”

Auriche has been a deeply personal journey for Lana, whose reliance on fake tan runs more than skin deep.

“After I had my first two skin cancers removed at 16, and have watched two of my four sisters go through skin cancer treatment, sun tanning isn’t an option – it can be a death sentence for me.," she said.

"Because I have had early-stage melanoma, I have a high chance of developing melanoma again, and have had nearly 100 spots removed to prevent skin cancer.

"I am covered in spots and scars and fake tan is the only thing that makes me feel comfortable in my skin,” Lana said.

“With some 17,000 Australians expected to be diagnosed with melanoma this year – that’s a diagnosis every 30 minutes – the only safe tan is fake tan.

"Auriche allows Australians to enjoy a healthy glow year-round without ever having to worry about the impact of regular fake tanning or the dangers of the sun.”

Auriche products

The result of four years of research and testing is a range of four Auriche products that offer the ultimate haircare regime for self-tanners, including:

1. PROTECT: A world-first protectant serum formulated to shield delicate hair follicles and prevent the damage and discolouration caused by fake tan.

2. CLEANSE: A clarifying vegan shampoo with natural exfoliators to remove the discolouration and damage caused by fake tan. A combination of five Australian botanicals work together to smooth and hydrate the scalp and hair, including Kakadu plum, lilly pilly, quandong, snowflower and wattleseed.

3. RESTORE: Designed to complement the Cleanse shampoo in eradicating the buildup of tan chemicals on the hair, this unique bond-building purple conditioner also tones and brightens coloured hair.

4. REPAIR: Like sunscreen for hair, this leave-in bond-building serum provides heat and UV protection designed to rebuild hair damaged by fake tan exposure.

Auriche is available online at



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