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SuperFastDiet founder Victoria Black, Lee Cook and coach Kristen Black. Photo: Lisa Thompson

NSW woman Lee Cook wanted to lose weight for her niece's wedding and for own health. Fast forward a year, and she has lost an amazing 70 kilos! Here, she tells Lifestyle News how she lost half her size.

Q: Congratulations on losing 70kg! Over what period did you lose the weight?

A: I started losing weight in July 2021 but found it too hard on my own. In May 2022 I found SuperFastDiet and have now 70 kilos down in total.

Q: What was the impetus to start your weight loss journey?

A: I wanted to lose weight for my niece's wedding early in April 2022, and my weight had started to really impact my health and motivation to do things.

Q: Apart from the weight loss, what other benefits do you see now?

A: I'm able to do things again that I thought I'd never be able to do. I have more energy and motivation to do things again.

I exercise every day now and it was a struggle to walk before I lost the weight. My joint pain and bursitis are basically a thing of the past, I no longer have to lift my leg into the car every day after work to drive home.

I have arthritis starting in my knees, but the level of pain is now negligible since losing the weight. I had blood tests taken last time I was at the doctor and I'm unsure of the results, but they must be okay, or I would have heard something by now.

My blood pressure looks like it's on the way down so the doctor is monitoring it to see if we can reduce my medicine.

I'm eating a healthier diet now which my body is loving and I'm able to eat foods now that previously I just didn't like, as my taste has changed.

I'm looking forward to booking a holiday as I know I'll fit into the seat with room to move now and not be so self-conscious of people looking at me.

Lee Cook
Lee Cook before her health journey

Q: You lost the weight using the SuperFast Diet. Please tell me how it works.

A: I started on a five-day challenge which was based on the 3 Day Diet. I did 3 days with restricted calories and the remainder of the challenge ate normally.

After day 3 of the challenge, I signed up for SuperFast Diet for 16 weeks, and I did The 3-Day Method where your calories are restricted for 3 days of the week and for the remainder of the week you eat normally, but its recommended to eat healthy.

You also can choose which days you want to have as your fast days and what days are your non-fast days.

If there’s something special on, where you’d normally fast you just change your fasting days. I followed this for the first 8 weeks and changed to the part-time method where you eat within an eight-hour window and fast the other 16 hours a day, once again you can choose when you want to break your fast.

Most break their fast around midday and finish eating by 8 pm. I found this method was easier to manage with work and my lifestyle and I’m currently still doing this method. I’ve had good results with both methods.

Q: What did a day of eating look like before your dieted, and after?

A: My usual weekday would have been no breakfast or I’d have a shake, morning tea would be cheese and biscuits and fruit, lunch would be fast food usually, Henny Penny, Chinese, Subway, sometimes a toasted sandwich, everything would be high in calories.

My evening meals varied. Some would be healthy meat and veg but my portions were large, sometimes it would be pie and chips, chicken and chips, ice blocks and a bag of chips (usually large bags)

Weekends would have been bacon and eggs or egg and bacon roll with a bit of salad.

Now I break my fast around 1.30 pm - 2 pm and I’ll have on weekdays a salad of some type and a small piece of protein, soup, corn thins with peanut butter and banana and a piece of fruit.

On my days off I’ll have a piece of sourdough with avocado and poached eggs with a salad or an omelette with baby spinach, tomato and feta or leftover baked veggies.

My evening meals are usually chicken and fish meals. Stir-frys, salmon and veggies, fish and salad, fish and veggies, chicken baked dinners, chicken and salad anything quick.

Sometimes I have red meat but I've cut it right back to what I used to eat.

My snacks are usually carrot sticks, boiled egg, cheese and biscuits (individual packs portion control) fruit – blueberries, strawberries, apple, yoghurt, jerky, nuts anything so long as the calories fit within my daily allowance

Q: Did you still drink alcohol when you were on your health journey?

A: I’m not a big drinker, but I do enjoy a drink or two when I go out, and yes I still do drink, this way of life allows us to still enjoy life.

With Superfastdiet it's advised to restrict your alcohol from Monday to Thursday where possible, and then drink in moderation.

It also recommends we try the non-alcoholic and zero alcohol (the alcohol has been removed) where possible or alternate your drinks.

Q: Do people still recognise you?

A: At times I still struggle to recognise myself. I saw a reflection of myself in a shop window as I was walking past and I was taken aback as I didn’t realise just how much smaller I was now than before.

I see myself in the mirror at home and I know I’ve lost nearly half of me, but I still don’t think I’m small. It's hard getting used to seeing a smaller framed person in the mirror looking back at me when I’ve been large basically my entire adult life.

I’ve had both family and friends take a second look as they didn’t recognise me, especially those who haven’t seen me for a while.

Q: Anything you would like to share?

I’m so grateful and I can't thank Victoria Black and Gen Davidson enough for creating this way of life. They have given me my health and life back.

I’m able to do things now that I never thought I would ever again. I’m able to look forward to travelling again and enjoying living my life to its fullest.

I'd recommend Superfastdiet to anyone wishing to lose weight so they can get their life back. It's a lifestyle that’s doable.



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