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woman and dog
Ann and Ella

Ann Noler Harris's journey to becoming a master energy healer was sparked by a fateful encounter with Ella, a seeing-eye dog.

Ann and her husband decided to look after seeing eye dogs when they were training - taking them at night and returning them in the morning.

The first dog they took was Ella - and that's when Ann's life took an unexpected turn. Having undergone a toe amputation due to cancer, Ella couldn't work as a guide dog anymore and her days seemed numbered.

The veterinarians offered little hope, predicting merely weeks of life remaining.

However, destiny had a different plan. Ann, a self-admitted skeptic of energy and alternative healing, found herself compelled to explore the realms of holistic wellness.

"Ella's presence triggered a shift within me," Ann recalls. "I knew I couldn't let her fade away."

With unwavering determination, Ann embarked on a journey to heal Ella using energy healing techniques, specifically Reiki.

She connected with a mentor who taught her the intricacies of Reiki healing. Through her newfound abilities, Ann began to administer healing sessions to Ella, witnessing a spark returning to the dog's eyes.

"Ella became my patient and my teacher," Ann says, highlighting the profound bond that formed between them.

Weeks turned into months, and Ella defied medical expectations. With Ann's devotion and energy healing, Ella's life stretched into years, disproving the grim prognosis.

Ella not only emerged from her physical ailments but also instilled in Ann a belief in the transformative power of energy healing.

Armed with newfound knowledge and experiences, Ann became a Reiki Master, delving into medical intuition, coaching, and Advanced Metaphysical Anatomy.

She discovered a unique approach to healing that addressed the intricate connections between emotional well-being and physical health.

"For women and all individuals, physical pain often stems from emotional blocks," Ann says.

"In the early days, after my husband had a bad accident and we returned home from hospital, I asked him if I could practice my healing on him and, to my joy, he said "If you want."

"As a non-believer I knew he would be my harshest critic, but it’s exactly what I needed.

"After the healing session he told me he could see colours, lights, tingling and heat moving through his body. It worked. I started to practice on anyone who would let me!"

Ann believes that our bodies act as messengers, conveying the need for change or the release of past traumas.

By deciphering the emotional roots of pain and implementing necessary changes, Ann empowers her clients to alleviate their pain permanently.

Ann's unique approach transcends geographical boundaries. Conducting remote healing sessions, she taps into her clients' energy fields, guiding them towards the root causes of their afflictions.

Her approach melds the best of alternative and mainstream medicine, reflecting her belief in a holistic approach to well-being.

"I believe that through energy healing, individuals can discover their innate potential for healing and transformation," Ann said.

Find out more about Ann here.



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