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In 2000, with three children under five at home, Lisa Heidke started writing her first novel - and never stopped. ,Fast forward to 2024 and she is now an accomplished international author with eight books to her name.

Whether they’re navigating family dynamics, friendships, careers, or romance, the women in Lisa’s books ultimately triumph over adversity, and that resonates with her readers.

‘I like writing stories that balance elements of drama and comedy - dramedy.," Lisa said.

"A common thread throughout my novels is women finding the strength to move forward when faced with challenging circumstances. 

"These characters deal with real-life circumstances such as divorce, betrayal, heartache, and addiction, with behaviours that are unpredictable, messy, flawed, and generally lead to more chaos with a sprinkling of humour.

"Hopefully, readers recognise a little of themselves in how these relatable characters ultimately reinvent themselves for a more promising and fulfilling future."

Author Lisa Darcy
Author Lisa Darcy

But despite her success in this genre, convincing publishers The Pact would also be a bestseller wasn’t easy.

‘This tennis idea had been swirling around my head for years. Publishers would say, oh, if it was cricket or swimming, maybe…but not tennis," she said.

"For me, it was never about writing a sports book; I wanted to write a book about sisters who had the same job! As a fiction writer, when you’ve written about actresses, photographers, librarians, naturopaths, etc., you get to a point where you think, ' Okay, what job can I give my characters?."

Lisa’s faith in her story never wavered, and its recent success with US publisher Wings ePress has proven she was onto a winner, all along, game, set and match!

‘It had been sitting in my cupboard for years, and a friend and fellow author had a contract with a US publisher…she suggested I try them, and I agreed. What have I got to lose?’ Lisa said.

An occasional tennis player but by no means a tennis expert, for Lisa delving into the lives of Andre Agassi and the Williams sisters for research was the best part.

The Pact goes behind the scenes of the professional tennis world, showcasing the pressure and the paparazzi that comes with competing at a global level.

It also deals with poignant themes, including the disappearance of the sisters’ mother when Samantha was 13 years old and how they each handled her absence differently.

There’s no question that writing has always been in Lisa's blood.

The Pact book cover

Having studied journalism at university, Lisa worked in publishing as an acquisitions editor before writing for magazines.

In 2007, after receiving her first contract with Australian publisher Allen & Unwin, she went on to publish her first five novels with the company: Lucy Springer Gets Even (2009), What Kate Did Next (2010), Claudia’s Big Break (2011), Stella Makes Good (2012), and It Started With A Kiss (2015).

In 2021, Lisa found a publishing home with Bloodhound Books UK. With new branding and pen name, Lisa Darcy was born. That same year, Lily’s Little Flower Shop was published as a fish-out-of-water coastal romance.  

Lily’s Little Flower Shop has since been published in several languages, including French and Italian.

Bloodhound Books has also updated, relaunched and published two of Lisa’s previous novels under new titles, My Big Greek Holiday (previously Claudia’s Big Break), which has been translated into Slovakian, and Should You Keep a Secret? (previously Stella Makes Good).

The Pact is available where all good books are sold. 



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