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modern bedroom
Bentleigh Townhouse by Eclectic Creative

Green tones, thanks to their calming effects and affinity with nature, are a consistently popular choice for interiors. And with Dulux recently naming Wild Forest, a lush shade of olive green, as their colour of 2023, natural colours are here to stay. The uncertainty and stress we’ve experienced in recent times has prompted a desire to create a calming sanctuary at home, connected to nature and with a soothing look and feel.

With a renewed focus on improving well-being, there has been a trend towards more minimalist living, paring back the unnecessary or flashy as we seek out simple and authentic spaces. Freed from clashing, garish colours, there has been a turn towards earthy tones. Green really brings the outdoors in, helping interior spaces feel fresh and natural without feeling dreary and dull. A perfect alternative or complement to traditional neutrals such as white, beige and grey, subtle tones of green offer a hint of colour to elevate your space. Too much white and grey can appear bland or sterile, while the right shade of green can add depth and personality without overpowering a space. If you're looking to redecorate, or just freshen up your space, here are some of our favourite Australian interiors embracing shades of green to inspire your next project:.

The designers at Bone Made have added a touch of mint with the barstool selection for this kitchen.

Modern kitchen
Hunters Hill Duplex by Bone Made

Incorporating green with textiles and décor is a simple way to add colour to a bedroom (pictured top), and you can embrace green in unexpected spaces, like in the laundry or as bathroom feature tiles.

A deep olive green connects to the natural surroundings at Salt Creek Cottage.

cottage dining room
Photo: Salt Creek Cottage

Regardless of your design aesthetic, green shades can work within any style, from coastal, to farmhouse, bohemian, contemporary or mid century.

Highly versatile, green can be painted on the walls, used in décor and accessories such as cushions or bed linen, in the kitchen or bathroom as tiles, or for cabinetry and furniture. The possibilities are endless.

Gemma Del Vecchio is a Sydney based interior stylist and home organiser. Find out more here



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