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Growing up in rural Australia, Jordan Cullen had an entrepreneurial spirit and a dream of creating his own business. When he decided to turn that dream into a reality Cullen Jewellery was born - a bold move, considering the traditional and often intimidating nature of the diamond industry. Jordan was inspired by the idea of creating beautiful, high-quality jewellery that didn't harm the environment, leading him to use carbon-neutral, lab-grown diamonds and moissanite. He wanted to show the world that luxury didn't need to come at a cost to our planet. Here, Jordan tells Lifestyle News his story.

Q: How did the idea of creating quality jewellery which didn't harm the environment come to you?

A: The idea of creating environmentally-friendly jewellery came to me through a frustrating experience while trying to buy an engagement ring for my wife.

I realised that the traditional jewellery industry had many inefficiencies and ethical concerns. This inspired me to create a jewellery brand that offers high-quality, sustainable alternatives to mined diamonds and focuses on ethical practices throughout the entire supply chain.

In fact, we are proud to share that all our lab-grown diamonds are now carbon neutral since May 2023, thanks to our partnership with Clear Neutral. This partnership allows us to offset our carbon emissions and ensure that our diamonds have a minimal environmental impact.

Q: How did Cullen Jewellery start? How long has the business been operating?

A: It all began in 2018 when I was just 23 years old. I wanted to provide a better and more seamless experience for clients. The business has been operating for approximately five years now, and we have grown exponentially during this time.

Q: How long does it take to grow a diamond in a lab?

A: The time it takes to grow a diamond in a lab can vary depending on the size and quality desired. Generally, it takes several weeks to a few months to grow a diamond in a lab.

This process involves recreating the conditions necessary for diamond formation, allowing carbon to crystallise into a diamond structure.

The result is a lab grown diamond that is optically, chemically, and thermodynamically identical to a mined diamond, yet more affordable and better for the environment.

Q: How many trees have you planted?

A: At Cullen Jewellery, we are proud to have planted tens of thousands of trees through our initiative. For every ring we sell, we plant 10 trees as part of our commitment to environmental sustainability.

We believe in giving back to nature and reducing our carbon footprint. To track our progress and showcase transparency, we have a tree planting tracker on our website, allowing clients to see the impact of their purchase and our collective efforts in reforestation.

It's an exciting journey, and we are thrilled to contribute to a greener future.


Q: Tell me a little more about your awards.

A: Cullen Jewellery has been fortunate to receive several awards that recognise our commitment to ethical practices, sustainability, and being a great workplace.

Some of these awards include the Best Ethical Engagement Ring Brand by APAC Insider, Great Place to Work certification, Best Online Bespoke Diamond Jewellery Business by Corporate Vision Magazine, and Smart50 Workplace recognition by Smart Company. These awards validate our efforts and motivate us to continue making a positive impact in the industry.

Q: Were there times when you thought your dream may fail?

A: Like any entrepreneur, I have faced moments of uncertainty along my journey. Building a business is filled with challenges and setbacks, and there were certainly times when I questioned whether my dream would succeed.

However, I have always believed in the vision behind Cullen Jewellery and remained determined to overcome obstacles. These moments have actually fuelled my motivation to find innovative solutions and persevere in the face of adversity.

Q: What's your best piece of advice for people thinking about becoming an entrepreneur?

A: Be passionate about what you do and to never stop learning. Entrepreneurship is a challenging and often unpredictable journey, but having a genuine passion for your work will drive you forward even when faced with obstacles.

Additionally, continuously seek knowledge and be open to learning from others. Embrace failures as learning opportunities and be willing to adapt your strategies. Finally, surround yourself with a strong team and don't be afraid to delegate tasks.

Building a successful business requires collaboration and leveraging the skills of others.

Find our more about Cullen Jewellery here.



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