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Tahnee Johnson
Tahnee Johnson proudly wears lipstick after her treatment

Cosmetic clinic Angel Aesthetics has launched a pro bono clinic to treat cleft lip using ground breaking non-surgical methods, as founder Sylvia Crouch hopes to make the treatment more accessible to all Australians.

The specialised procedure, conducted in their Brisbane and Gold Coast clinics, involves a precise injection of dermal fillers - a minimally invasive treatment worth more than $1000.

A cleft lip describes a gap in between the lip and nose, where the tissue has not joined. Cleft lips form during pregnancy, presenting in around 1 in 800 babies each year in Australia (, 2021).

Some children have this repaired when they are young, however, they are often left with noticeable scarring and lip asymmetry. Other patients are not able to have this surgery and can receive treatment for the first time at Angel Aesthetics.

“As medical professionals, we feel strongly that we shouldn't be profiting from a patient that suffers from a congenital issue that wishes to enhance their appearance and help them to feel more confident," Sylvia said..

Tahnee Johnson was born with a cleft lip, which was surgically corrected when she was a child.

However, she was left with scarring and asymmetry in her lips, but has had these corrected at Angel Aesthetics via their new pro bono service.

Speaking of the positive difference the treatment has made to her self esteem, she said: “Sylvia is the lip queen!

"For years I never wore lipstick because I almost had no top lip and it was just not even enough to even wear lipstick.

"I spent so long looking for the perfect injector that could make my lips look natural. When I finally worked up the nerve to go see Sylvia, she was the most caring person I could have asked for.

"What she was able to create for me and make me feel, I can’t even put into words or thank her enough… I can finally wear lipstick and I now have a top lip that matches my bottom."

Cleft lip
Tahnee before and after

Ms Crouch said after a thorough consultation with one of Angel Aesthetics nurses, a personalised treatment plan was mapped out, with consideration of existing scarring and the nature of each individual’s lip tissue.

This method prevents scarring and lip asymmetry, common side effects of surgical treatments, and also reduces patient recovery time.

For patients that have already had surgical correction, the Angel Aesthetics nurses use a cannula in the lips to break up the scar tissue where necessary, which allows further tissue expansion and correction of any asymmetry.

Ms Crouch said those who had not had surgery will receive dermal filler to reduce asymmetry. After 4 weeks, the dermal filler has integrated into the patient’s tissue, at which point the patient can be rebooked for an additional treatment of dermal filler after 6 months if necessary.

Sylvia has limited spots for this treatment and if you would like to be placed on the waiting list, email



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