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Take your self-care routine to a new level with a daily self-massage. The art of Abhyanga - to lovingly oil the body through massage - promises to restors your balance by aligning mind, body and soul.

Abhyanga massage helps enrich and hydrate the skin and improve tone and texture, whilst also feeding the skin’s natural microbiome and strengthening its defences.

Extending beyond the skin’s surface, Abhyanga can improve lymphatic drainage and detoxification, increase and strengthen circulation, alleviate inflammation and muscle pain and most importantly, bring calm and balance to the nervous system.

How to do an Abhyanga massage

1. Before showering, warm your preferred LAMAV Ayurvedic Body Oil by placing it in hot water until it reaches your desired temperature.

2. Begin your massage at the crown of the head, using your fingers to rub gently in a clockwise motion.

3. Then, focus on your extremities—the hands and feet—using an open, flat palm and firm strokes.

4. To massage the arms and legs, use firm upwards and downwards strokes, switching to circular motions for your joints.

5. To massage the belly, use circular clockwise motions to assist with the natural flow of digestion.

6. Follow with your chest, using upward strokes from underneath the breasts up towards your collarbone and neck.

7. Reach your lower back as best you can, using your fingertips to massage downwards, promoting increased energy.

8. Take your time, massaging the whole body for up to 20 minutes—and if possible, allow the oils to penetrate for several minutes before enjoying a warm shower.

For optimal results, incorporate Abhyanga massage into your daily routine — using firm but gentle strokes. The practice should always feel nourishing, rather than painful.

While Abhyanga is intended as a daily practice, practitioners agree that massage should be avoided if you’re feeling unwell or have a fever, and when menstruating. Avoid any areas of irritated, inflamed or sensitive skin.

LAMAV’s new range of Ayurvedic Body Oils has been delicately formulated using traditional Ayurvedic methods of preparation whereby the whole herb is incorporated into the carrier oil and infused for a period of time in order to imbue the oil with as many potent beauty benefits as possible for your Abhyanga treatment —for a holistic head-to-toe glow.



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