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Margot Robbie
Photo: brycescarlett/instagram

Seasons are well and truly changing, giving us the chance to mix things up – and what better way to do that than with a fresh haircut. From curtain bangs to shaggy layers, you’ll be running to show your favourite hairdresser one of these new looks.

1. Seamless Layers. To the naked eye, seamless layers (Margot Robbie pictured above) look like one even length which is the beauty of them. This gives you shape and movement and is the perfect easy-to-style type of layering. It shapes the face best when cut just below the chin to highlight your cheekbones perfectly.

Styling tip: Go in with a tong and wrap the hair away from your face. This will instantly give you that movement and texture you were missing all along.

shag haircut
Photo: sukiwaterhouse/instagram

2. The Modern Shag. This style, pictured above, is that I-just-woke-up-but-still-look-perfect cut. It’s that effortlessly messy, but still ultra chic look that we’re loving here.

Styling tip: To get the wavy look, separate your hair into larger parts and use a curling iron to frame the look. Hint hint: the less structure the better! Finish with a texture spray for extra volume.

Photo: matildadjerf/instagram

3. The 90’s Layer Look. Made iconic by the 90’s it girl Jennifer Aniston, who showed us that the perfect hair is all about volume and framing the face. The beauty of this cut, pictured above, is that it can add life back to any hair length.

Styling tip: A big round brush and rollers will be your best friend when getting that salon-fresh look at home with this cut.

Girl with bob hairstyle
Photo: kourtneykardash/instagram

4. Airy Bobs/Lobs (Long Bobs). If you want to walk out of the salon feeling like a new-you – then an airy bob, pictured above, (or “lob”, to play it a little more safe) is the way to go. Why do we love it? It’s low-maintenance, every girl's dream. Elevated with layers and texture for added volume, this look reinvents the classic short bob.

Styling tip: Enhance your natural texture by adding a sea salt spray, or even grab a few pieces and wrap around a tong to give you added texture.

Matilda Jerf
Photo: matildadjerf/instagram

5. Long Bangs. Although this look skyrocketed to fame over the past year, it’s well and truly here to stay this salty season. If you’ve been sitting on the fence as to whether to get this cut or not, ask your hairdresser if they think it will work with your hair – then go for it. Because why not? Long bangs frame the face elegantly giving you an added element to work with in any hairdo.

Styling tip: Wet down your bangs and use a medium-large round brush (depending on length) and blow dry forward so that the hair is flicking away from the face. This can also be set in a velcro roller to achieve that Matilda Djerf dream hair.

Lucy Furniss is a Senior Hairstylist and Creative Director with a passion for enhancing natural hair. Instagram: @lucyfurnisshair



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