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Grier Neilson
Grier Neilson

It's easy to feel invisible as a 50-year-old woman when society is so focussed on youth.

But Adelaide-based photographer Grier Neilson plans to break down the barriers with Flock50, a liberating project featuring 50 women in their 50's.

Grier, who turns 50 next year, will capture images of 50 women, acknowledging and paying homage to the beautiful bodies.

She wants the experience to allow women to embrace this time of their life by allowing self-love, loosening their inhibitions, and showcasing how liberating being aged 50+ is.

Beyond the photo experience, the images captured will be put together in a stylish coffee table book which will be exhibited in the 2024 South Australian Living Arts Festival where the images will see the participants front and centre, rewriting the notion that women of that age should be in the background.

"As I have my ‘big 5-0 ’approaching, I am all too familiar with the rollercoaster of emotions that come with such a momentous milestone,” Grier said,

"I personally don’t feel ‘invisible ’or ‘hidden' but I have heard other women speak about feeling those emotions, and there is a lot of press out there on the same.

“I want to change that narrative. I want women in their 50’s to celebrate this decade – it’s a wonderful stage of life with so many changes to embrace.

"We deservedly need to show that we can still be sexy, body confident and relevant, and break down the stigma of showing our bodies at this age”.

The 50 women who sign up will experience a personalised journey to ensure the photos captured are reflected of their true selves.

Not only will the women be able to proudly display the images captured within their homes as a treasured keepsake, but their photos will also be featured in a chic coffee table book that will be available for purchase next year.

The highlight, however, will be the experience culminating in an exhibition during the SALA Festival.

“This is the element that I am the most excited to bring about," Grier said.

“For me, the most exciting thing is the journey to get to the exhibition, bringing all these woman together in a unique and profound way, and sharing their stories through imagery.

“Our participation in the SALA exhibition will allow the women to be proudly front and centre, rewriting any notion that women of our age should be in the background."

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