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Liv Arnold

Melbourne romance author Liv Arnold has a great mantra: be pretty kind, pretty funny, pretty smart and pretty strong. Here, she talks to Lifestyle News about her journey as an author and why she advocates for women's strength and sexual wellness.

Q Whats your message for young women struggling with their self-image?

Think at least one thing you like about your physical appearance. In a world of social media, everyone is always comparing themselves but it’s all smoke and mirrors.

No one’s life is that perfect. I’ve had my share of men that made me feel like I wasn’t enough. Stuff that! If you’re every questioning that you deserve better, you probably do.

As I got older, I’ve also learnt there’s more to life than being pretty. Be pretty kind, pretty funny, pretty smart, pretty strong.

Q: When did you start to write romance novels? How many have you written?

I started writing romance books in around 2019. First my novella Law & Disorder, then the novels Etched in Stone and Stepping Stone.

The latter two are part of the Invested in You series where they have financial crime elements. Each book is a standalone based on a different female character in an IT team.

I write relatable characters with real-life challenges like single parenthood, mental health and workplace stress.

Q: Why do you advocate for women's strength and sexual wellness?

It’s been so much fun giving sex advice for Cosmopolitan. Everyone deserves mind-blowing sex and to not be ashamed of voicing their desires.

In my novels, the sex scenes are all about the female orgasm that I liken to earthquakes and tsunamis. That’s a huge benchmark but we deserve it!

Q You say you were self-conscious about your body as a teen. Looking back, do you think you should have been more confident?

Even though I’ve always been petite, I thought I was pudgy as a child. Whenever I moved, I believed I carried a lot of weight on me.

In high school, I had a "friend" who would bully me relentless about the way I looked. I also had terrible acne as teenager. I should’ve been more confident because I’m a catch ha ha!

Harper's Bazaar Covere

Q You have featured on many magazine covers. Please tell us your journey

I was never as model. I’ve been fortunate to be on the cover of Harper’s BAZAAR, InStyle, Grazia, FHM, Edith and Malvie.

All these interviews were to promote my books and mental health awareness. As I’ve always had anxiety, I donate some of one of my book’s profits to Anxiety Depression Association of America (ADAA).

However, being in front of the camera made me understand my body and movements more. And be more comfortable in my own skin.

Q: Anything you would like to say?

If you’re getting less than you deserve, walk away.

Find our more about Liv and her books here.



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