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Jodie Nevid

Did you know there is real-life fairy godmother for women? Yes there is! Meet Jodie Nevid, an entrepreneur and women’s business coach who has helped thousands of Aussie women take the leap from employee to entrepreneur by starting a small business and growing it to six-figures plus. Here, Jodie talks to Lifestyle News about how women can earn more, work less and love life.

Q: Why are you known as the Fairy Godmother to women in business?

A: I think it's because I'm known for helping women achieve their 'impossible goals' in business, and in life. Women typically come to me with the 'dream' of building a business that sets them free, but there's often a part of them that also question if it's even possible.

My job is to show them the way, and our approach gets women to a point where they are earning more, working less and truly loving their life.

A lot of women say what we do at The Seven Effect is like magic, because it truly is life changing, but the truth is there's no magic in it, just a flip in thinking and a focus on using the 80/20 rule to build businesses using low effort high reward strategies.

Q Can you tell Lifestyle News your biggest success stories?

A: We have so many amazing success stories, here are two that are especially close to my heart.

Suzanne Ingleton is weight loss coach and came to me needing help. She had an amazing business but fell in the trap of undercharging and over servicing (something that is so, so common) – her business was burning her out.

I worked with her to transform her business offering and together we developed her first high-value program.

Very quickly her business grew to bringing $20-30k per month, with Suzanne booked out three months in advance.

That program is now licensed, with Suzanne training the program to a team certified weight loss coaches around Australia!

Sandra Senn came to me shortly after she had bought a business – a ‘Mums in Business’ membership community.

She was fiercely passionate about creating an inclusive business that would make a significant impact on members but was having trouble building a business model to cater to all needs, and also make a profit.

In two sessions, we were able to completely rebuild the business and create high value offers that made sense.

Within three weeks of launching, Sandra made $33k of sales! She has gone on to achieve some amazing milestones, and best of all, she has so much fun doing it.

Q: Is it hard to take the leap from being an employee to running your own business?

A: What a great question - the truth is it's as easy or hard as you make it!

When you create the right structure and framework in your business it can be surprisingly easy to go from zero to over $100K a year, but the biggest obstacle for most to overcome is the brain.

Most people where conditioned to value the 'safe secure job', so people who crave security and have a lot of fear around uncertainty will often struggle more than people who value variety and spontaneity.

We live in a society that values the security of being an employee, if you just look at the banks for example. They prefer to lend to employees over business owners.

But an employee is at the mercy of their employer and as we saw in the pandemic, you could unexpectedly lose your job at any time.

As a business owner you are in control of how much you earn, how often you work, and what you do with your life.

The challenge, or maybe I should say opportunity, is in designing your business to give you the lifestyle you want.

Getting to that point requires a very different kind of thinking than being an employee driven by security and dependant on a pay cheque.

So, the level of difficulty really does depend on what a person values and the way they see the world.

Anyone who is open to changing the way they think, and act can learn to make light work of building a business, but for some there's many layers of fear to resolve along the way.

Jodie Nevid

Q: What is your best piece of advice for women starting their own small business?

A: Find people who have achieved exactly what you want to achieve and do whatever you can to get as close to them as possible.

Join a community of women in business who are succeeding, who are willing to share openly and authentically, and who will happily cheer you on and celebrate your success.

Unfortunately, some women's networks can be cliquey, and some have a strong martyr culture (what I mean by that is they are often moaning about how hard or unfair life is as a woman in business).

Avoid those groups because they can bring you down, keep you small and have you second guessing yourself and struggling to believe in your big goals.

Building a business really doesn't have to be hard or all consuming, and if it is, chances are you're just not doing it right... yet. 😉 Remember change is always possible and changing your beliefs, environment or community can change your life forever.

Q Why do you think there has been such a large growth of women in small businesses in Australia?

A: I think woman are waking up to their own value and making a conscious choice to create a life on their own terms.

It has never been faster, easier or cheaper than it is today to start your own business. In a matter of weeks, you can establish an online presence, build a community, create your offer and promote your products and services for free!

Another big driver of what I call the e-shift, the shift from employee to entrepreneur is that artificial intelligence combined with the ease of outsourcing and automation is making more and more jobs redundant.

More and more companies are choosing to engage results focused contractors over employees because it can be cheaper and less risky in the long run, and many women are realising that they could earn twice as much working half the time by becoming one of those results focused experts.

Q Why is your approach to business unorthodox?

We openly challenge conventional wisdom. We encourage working less and celebrate earning more, and we whole heartedly believe that business should be fun and easy.

We eliminate the shame and guilt many women have around making large sums of money because we believe that one of the most responsible things you can do for society is to take 100% responsibility for your own health and wealth.

Our primary focus is on Freedom, we run the Freedom Academy, hold the epic Freedom Fest (a 3 day business retreat) once a year and host the national Freedom Awards.

The number one reason people go into business is Freedom - they want the freedom to do what they want, when they want with who they want. But ironically most business owners work so hard in their business, that the business becomes their life.

We flip all that on its head.

Before we work on the business we design the dream life because I belief the most valuable asset a business owner can have is a clear and compelling life plan.

If you don't have a life plan your business becomes your life.

Jodie Nevid is the founder of The Seven Effect® and creator of The Freedom Academy.



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