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Sydney jewellery designer, Fairina Cheng
Fairina Cheng

Quiet luxury is the 2023 fashion trend that everyone wants to master.

Gone are loud logos and branding that makes you look like a walking advertisement. Nowadays, think tailored suits, luxe fabrics and muted tones that whisper, rather than scream.

Sydney jewellery designer, Fairina Cheng said quiet luxury in jewellery was no different to the essence of the same trend in clothing - it’s about quality craftsmanship.

“Quality is essential if you want your piece to stand the test of time. People are leaning towards buying keepsakes they can treasure rather than mass produced accessories,” Fairina said.

Quiet luxury is about finding pieces that will lend themselves to a refined, balanced overall look without individual pieces overpowering each other.

Think clean, geometric lines with gemstone accents that highlight the shape and form of the piece.

Wearing pieces that feel good as well as look good.

Simple designs, that utilise textures or accents to differentiate them and provide that uniqueness.

"Consider pieces that can be worn singly or dressed up stacked together to create different looks," Fairina said.

Layering fine chains with dainty pendants will add an accent to an outfit, but again not overpower it.

Simple studs, chain earrings or silhouettes of shapes rather than solid metal can achieve a similar effect.

Green sapphire and diamond ring
Green sapphire and diamond ring by Fairina Cheng

Pieces with hidden meaning or detail that reflect the depth and story of the person wearing them are another great way to define an outfit.

Fairina said opting for muted coloured stones like peachy-pink morganite or pastel-coloured sapphires were a good way to blend in with the neutral tone of your clothes.

Another great choice was Australian sapphires that have a mix of subtle colours in one stone. Their deeper hues give a subdued look but with a flash of colour.

For a more classic look champagne diamonds are always a safe bet.

While a ring with small diamonds scattered around the band can still have the bling factor, but keep it understated.

“The cut of a stone can also change the look completely. A rose cut stone, which is flat at the bottom and faceted on top, creating less sparkle than more traditional cuts,” Fairina said.

“A cabochon cut will glow rather than sparkle. It’s domed on its surface and highlights the colour of the stone with a beautiful internal glimmer.

“There is no doubt the trend is catching on as more people come to me seeking understated glamour.

“They don’t want big blingy diamonds. Instead, they want less sparkle, but more colour. They want their jewellery to tell their story with hidden meanings that they can keep quiet or share with the world.”



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