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Amrita Thapar
Amrita Thapar

To others, Amrita was a normal, beautiful young woman. But she was secretly fighting depression and anxiety. Here, she tells Lifestyle News what she did to learn to love herself again - and how you can, too..

I endured the relentless grip of depression and anxiety for over half a decade. These formidable forces stripped away my self-esteem and self-confidence, leaving me a mere shell of the self-assured individual I once was.

I couldn't bear to look at myself in the mirror. I constantly felt worthless and hollow inside. I often referred to myself as an empty outer casing with nothing left inside.

I spent days in bed, questioning the meaning of life. I had panic attacks at the mere thought of showering and getting dressed.

There were many times I wished for it to end but a part of me had latched onto hope. A glimmer of hope for a better me, a better life experience. This very glimmer within me urged me to seek a path of transformation.

Although years of therapy taught me much about my trauma and childhood, it wasn’t able to assist me in overcoming the state I was in.

So, I took matters into my own hands. I began exploring spiritual practices. I discovered the power of meditation to quiet my mind and find inner clarity.

I began journaling and mastered gratitude. On a practical level, I immersed myself in understanding the intricacies of mental health issues and applying the newfound knowledge to my own healing journey. I always had a passion for psychology and it was time to put it into practice.

Although the journey was far from easy and I failed many times, relapsing back into depression. But over time, a remarkable shift occurred.

I slowly started reclaiming my self-belief. One (out of the many) approaches I implemented was the mirror technique. I forced myself to look into the mirror and say ‘you are beautiful’.

The first time, I laughed out loud. That was telling because it showed that what I was saying was so far away from what my mind believed that it had an instinctive reaction.

However, I persevered and by the end of the week, I was no longer laughing. By the end of the fortnight, I started accepting what I was saying and by the end of the month, I started viewing myself in a different light.

Eventually, I mastered anxiety management and bid farewell to the suffocating grip of depression.

As I emerged on the other side, I realised that my struggle had a greater purpose —i t was meant to guide me towards a mission of raising awareness about mental health and infusing positivity into a world often overshadowed by negativity.

This calling, deeply ingrained in my soul's journey, resonates with unwavering conviction. It feels undeniably right.

Empowered by my own transformation, I am driven to assist others on their path to well-being through The Thapar Method—a comprehensive six-step process that encompasses the learnings, tools and techniques I’ve acquired over years of trial and error.

Broken down into the elements of Purpose, Responsibility, Awareness, Acknowledgement, Healing and Transformation; these six steps aim to develop introspection, which when injected with action propels one on the path to their desired state of well-being.

Yet, my aspirations extend beyond individual guidance. I firmly believe that knowledge should be freely accessible, unencumbered by barriers.

I am dedicated to fostering a community that prioritises their mental well-being through my social media channels.

There, I present action based steps one can take to manage their stress and anxiety, cultivate self esteem and confidence, and build healthier relationships within themselves and with others.

While society is gradually awakening to the importance of mental health, there remains much progress to be made.

By sharing my personal journey, I aim to assure those who are struggling that they are not alone. Through education, I empower individuals to cultivate self-awareness and tap into their potential.

It is a privilege to utilise my experience and passion to uplift and benefit the world so why keep it hidden when it can illuminate another’s path to a brighter future?

Amrita Thapar is a Mental Well-Being Coach supporting clients in stress and anxiety management, cultivating self-esteem and confidence, and building healthy relationships. YouTube:



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