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Dr Lisa Chimes with a cat
Dr Lisa Chimes

In a world where dogs have long enjoyed the spotlight in the pet product industry, a new brand gives our feline friends the attention they deserve.

Renowned Australian veterinarian, Dr Lisa Chimes, has once again demonstrated her commitment to animal care by launching CAT by Dr Lisa, a luxurious line of coat care and lifestyle products exclusively tailored for our feline companions.

"After launching DOG by Dr Lisa and witnessing its soaring popularity, I knew it was high time for cats to have their own specialised brand," Dr Lisa said.

"Cats often don't receive the recognition they merit, especially from those who may not fully understand their unique charms. With CAT by Dr Lisa, we aim to shine a spotlight on these graceful creatures and provide them with the care they truly deserve."

Cats, known for their meticulous self-grooming habits, might seem to require minimal external care.

However, Dr Lisa clarifies that maintaining a cat's coat health goes beyond their inherent grooming tendencies.

"While it's true that cats are generally adept at self-maintenance, this doesn't mean they should be exempt from additional coat care," she said.

"Regular brushing, at a minimum, is essential for all cats.

"Kittens, older cats, and those in less than optimal health might struggle with self-grooming, resulting in dirty, tangled, or matted fur.

"To address this, we've introduced our compostable CAT Wipes and specially designed brushes to assist in keeping our feline friends fresh and clean."

cat getting brushed

The CAT by Dr Lisa range boasts an array of products, but the CAT Wee Cleaner has quickly risen to prominence among cat owners.

Formulated with gentle, natural ingredients, this innovative solution neutralises the potent odour of cat urine, making it an invaluable tool for managing toileting accidents around the home. Additionally, it's proven to be highly effective in maintaining a pristine litter tray.

As a cat enthusiast herself, Dr Lisa is familiar with the nuances of feline companionship. She shares her home with a charming Devon Rex named Jade, a departure from her professional experience treating cats.

"Jade has brought a new dimension of joy into my life," Dr Lisa admits. "While I've cared for countless cats in my veterinary practice, having my very own feline companion has been an unparalleled privilege."

Dr Lisa, a distinguished veterinarian with 16 years of experience, is a staple in the Australian animal care community.

Her work in the emergency has earned her a reputation as a compassionate and knowledgeable expert.

Dr Lisa's appearances on popular TV shows such as Bondi Vet and Dr Lisa to the Rescue have further solidified her status as a trusted figure in the field.



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