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Losing a pet is heartbreaking, but what happens when that four-legged friend is also someone you rely on every day?

This happened to Melbourne man Daniel Falls when his beloved 12-year-old therapy dog Shelby was hit by a car and required life-saving surgery. Daniel, who suffered depression after a traumatic incident and lives with his mum, had been walking with Shelby when he heard a cat being attacked by a fox.

He managed to scare the fox which allowed the cat to flee safely, however Shelby, in her efforts to protect Daniel, ran into the road and was hit by a car.

After an expensive trip to the vet, Daniel’s mum Lisa found her funds exhausted yet Shelby still required hip surgery. Thankfully, Lisa was told about Pet Medical Crisis, an Australian non-profit organisation that helps pensioners, and others struggling financially, ensure the best chance of survival for their pets when they can’t afford to do so themselves.

After hearing Shelby and Daniel’s story, Pet Medical Crisis, who rely on charitable donations and financial support from partners, got in touch with Knose Pet Care, who immediately agreed to help fund the required surgery. However, after returning home following the surgery, Shelby’s health deteriorated, and she did not survive, leaving everyone devastated

When they heard the heartbreaking outcome, the founders of Knose Pet Care, Tiaan Dreyer and Nathan Harris, knew they had to help Daniel find a new companion dog.

Their breeder partner Sands Australian Labradoodles helped hand select the perfect new pup for Daniel that would not only suit his temperament but also be able to fulfill the requirements for a therapy dog. Knose Pet Care paid the required fees (at a generous discount) while Sands Australian Labradoodles covered the transportation to Victoria.

Finally, after a lot of donated money and time from all parties involved, Daniel now finally has his new therapy dog Millie, who is already cherished and filling a much-needed place in their home and hearts after the loss of Shelby.

“We are all animal lovers and pet owners at Knose which is why we’re in the pet care and insurance industry in the first place, however we also love to extend our help beyond this whenever we can,” Tiann Dreyer, Co-Founder of Knose Pet Care, said.

“Daniel’s story to us was heartbreaking and we’re so glad that together with Pet Medical Crisis and Sands Australian Labradoodles, we were able to help Shelby as much as we could before finding him a gorgeous new dog to fill those big paws,” he adds.

For donations and more info on Pet Medical Crisis go to: For more details on Knose Pet Care go to:



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