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Pam Radcliffe

For Queensland woman Pam Radcliffe life hadn't always been about energy, clarity of mind and positivity.

Over the span of four decades, the weight had slowly crept up on her, stemming from her early twenties when she had her four children.

Weight gain was a slow and steady companion throughout her life, leading her to the twilight years of her teaching career, where managing her weight - now at 109 kilograms - became increasingly challenging.

Forced into early retirement due to a medical issue, Pam, now 62, found herself in a spiral of emotional eating, using food as a crutch during difficult times.

"I fell into the habit of eating my feelings, and then before I knew it, my weight was just up there," Pam, a grandmother of six, said.

One of the turning points in Pam's journey was when she realised she couldn't breathe properly during sleep.

Initially attributing her exhaustion to mere tiredness, she visited her GP, who recommended a sleep study.

The results were alarming – Pam was stopping her breath moderately to severely during sleep. While she was getting the necessary hours of sleep, the quality was lacking.

Her doctor delivered a stark warning: her weight put her at significant risk of having a stroke.

That's when Pam's journey with a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine began, ensuring she could breathe properly at night and wake up feeling refreshed.

"Having a stroke was my biggest fear, and I knew I had to do what I needed to in order to look after myself and make sure that didn't happen," Pam said.

Faced with the prospect of weight loss surgery, Pam decided to explore alternative options. Her research led her to discover The 1:1 Diet, a revolutionary program that would become a pivotal part of her transformation.

With guidance from a dedicated consultant, Pam embarked on a 12-week journey that would change her life.

"My own consultant was a confidante and someone who I leaned on for not only my weight but personal challenges I was going through – her compassion was invaluable," Pam said.

In just 15 months, Pam achieved an astonishing feat, shedding 40 kilograms. The initial 12 weeks saw her lose 20 kilograms, providing her with a burst of motivation.

With The 1:1 Diet, she found support and a structure that helped her make the necessary changes.

Success in her weight loss journey only fuelled her determination further. "Success breeds success," she said.

Pam's eating habits have now undergone a significant transformation.

Pam Rdcliffe
Pam before her weight loss journey

Before The 1:1 Diet, her breakfast included toast with jam or crumpets, and lunch comprised bread rolls with ham and cheese.

Vegetables and salads weren't her favourites, and evening indulgences in takeout were common.

But now, her meals follow a balanced pattern. A smoothie for breakfast, light options like crackers and cheese for lunch, and dinners adjusted based on her daytime intake. Sensible snacking options within the program ensure that she's never hungry.

Perhaps one of the most empowering moments in Pam's journey was the day she could finally go off the CPAP machine.

Originally anticipated to be a year-long journey, Pam triumphantly managed to do it in just three months.

"I felt more in control. I felt that I actually can do this on my own," Pam said,

As a source of inspiration for those embarking on their own health journey, Pam shared some valuable tips.

"The switch has to flip in your head to know 'yes, I am ready now", she said.

"Stick to the plan – there's so many things you can do, you just have to manage it and stay focused.

"The biggest thing is slow and steady exercise; walking is great. Start small, have your exercise gear ready in the morning, set your alarm, put your feet on the floor and go."

Life after shedding those 40 kilograms has brought immense joy to Pam.

Playing with her grandkids, enjoying long walks and having well-fitting clothes are just a few of the rewards.

"My newly formed habits are also a great part of life since losing weight! Walks are good for my brain, portion control and good food choices help me stay on track, and most importantly, looking after myself mentally," she said.

"It all helps me keep going! My whole mindset has changed, I am not exercising or eating well for a bikini body, I am exercising and eating well for my old lady body.

"I want to be a fit and healthy woman well into my elderly years."



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