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YOUNG PEOPLE eating Funday sweets

FUNDAY Natural Sweets released their new Party Mix today, delivering all the nostalgic vibes without guilt.

And it's the first natural sweet to receive a 5-star health rating in the party mix category, with 89% less sugar compared to leading party mix lollies in the market.

Their latest creation will have you stepping into a time machine, reliving the ultimate 90s lineup with the classic Milk Bottle, Raspberry, and Pineapple lollies.

FUNDAY founder Daniel Kitay said the Party Mix was developed after countless requests from customers and retailers.

"They asked, and we listened—crafting a party mix that perfectly balances nostalgia with health.," he said.

"With favourites like pineapples, milk bottles, and raspberries, we're filling a massive gap in the market for those craving a healthier yet delicious snack option.

"This is more than just sweets; it's about providing a healthier way to celebrate life's moments. Get ready to party the FUNDAY way, where taste meets health in every bite."

Picture this: creamy milk, tangy raspberry, and tropical pineapple flavours all coming together in one.

The FUNDAY Party Mix is filled with gut-loving prebiotic natural ingredients and 8.9g of dietary fibre per 50g bag (36% of the recommended fibre intake for women and 30% for men).

So, not only are you satisfying your sweet cravings, but you're also doing your tummy a favour.

FUNDAY’s Party Mix debuted on the FUNDAY Sweets app and will be available on Thursday at for $4.50.

This will allow FUNDAY enthusiasts to experience the delectable blend before its nationwide release across Australian retailers throughout the month of May.



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