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100% Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses

In a world driven by innovation, the Aussie market continues to produce products that push boundaries and redefine convenience. From eco-friendly solutions to life-enhancing essentials, here are our best innovative Aussie products..

1. Salt Tequila Glasses: Yes, you read that right! These shot glasses add a nuanced, salty note with every delicious sip of tequila. Saltist, based in NSW, produces 100% Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses. Ethically sourced from the Himalayan Mountains, the tequila glasses, made from pink or black salt, are re-usable, environmentally-friendly and antimicrobial. They also look beautiful. Cheers!

woman walking a dog

2. Dog Lead With Built In Poop Bag Holder: This lead is super convenient for dog owners on the go. The Ziippup lead is made from recycled plastic bottles and eliminates the need for dangly attachments that break. It holds a full standard sized roll of poo bags and the stretchy bag design makes it suitable for dog treats and keys too.

survival kit

3. SURVIVAL KITS: This is something for urban explorers and outdoor enthusiasts alike, ensuring safety and peace of mind in any situation. Aussie company Survival Storehouse spent two years working with industry experts designing and testing a Survival Aid Kit (SAK) to bridge the gap in the Australian market between first aid kits and survival kits. .

teenage boys with mum

4. SHVITZ SPRITZ: Any parent of a teenager boy can tell you - they can stink! Teen boys are a hygiene hazard as many reach for a deodorant instead of showering. So NSW mum of teens Jackie Baron created Neon Goat which features a very special product - Shvitz Spritz. The Spritz is perfect when you’re picking up a carload of stinky kids from sport - it can go on skin, clothes, sports bags and beds! Made from powerful natural ingredients that kill bacteria, you'll want to leave this in the car for regular use.

sugar cane drink bottles

5. SUGAR CANE DRINK BOTTLES: A sweet revolution is here - these innovative drink bottles are the first ever Australian made, 100% sustainably grown sugarcane bottles. A pioneering new technology, Worthy Drink bottles not only look good, they're carbon negative, non-toxic, lightweight, dishwasher safe and fully recyclable. Sweet!

Bae Juice

6. BAE JUICE: Who doesn't want something that helps reduce a hangover? Founded by Melbourne mates Tim O'Sullivan, Sumin Do and Liam Gostencnik, Bae Juice is 100% Korean pear juice which contains an enzyme called DHM. This helps metabolise alcohol faster and reduce hangovers. Simply drink a bae juice before going out and feel better in the morning. Genius!

baby with nappies

7. ECO DISPOSABLE NAPPIES: These environmentally friendly nappies and wipes by OK&CO help the environment and keep baby comfortable too! The nappies are 70 percent plant based, and the eco wipes 100 per bamboo and compostable. Founder Aussie mum Zo wanted disposables for her son when he was a baby, but found they leaked, broke or were scratchy. So she decided to start her own line - and these are soft, super absorbent and contain everything that needs to be contained.

sodasmith mineral water

8. SPARKLING MINERAL WATER: Support an Aussie company and choose from the Sodasmith range of sparkling mineral waters and mixers which redefine refreshment! Born out of love for the nation's abundant natural resources and native ingredients, Sodasmith was created to give consumers a locally owned and made product they can be proud of. The purest mountain spring water from Tasmania is combined with native ingredients such as lemon myrtle and finger limes. And It's packaged in fully recyclable, lightweight Australian aluminium tins made from 65% post-consumer recycled material. Enjoy!

burning candle

9: CANDLEXCHANGE: This Australian company is the world's first fully circular (zero waste) and social impact candle company, on a mission to stop one million single-use, un-recyclable candle containers, and 100 tonnes of packaging waste reaching landfill by 2030. CandleXchange introduces the world’s first, zero-waste, 'Return & Swap'. Consumers can simply return their candle containers to be refilled, with a 30% discount. You can also drop off other brands’ containers, which are refilled and donated to survivors of domestic violence and refugees via its ‘UpCandle’ program.

baby and mobile

10: MONTI&ME: This gorgeous 2-in-1 mobile not only keeps baby entertained, it gives them the visual stimulation they crave by gently awakening the senses as it swirls, soothes and stimulates brain connections. The Monti&Me Brain Boosting Baby Mobile was developed by NSW mum Jayne Pavic and awarded Best Baby Play Product of the Year for 2023.




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