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Loved this year's GABS Craft Beer Festival? Now you have a chance to sample some of the frosty brews created just for the festival!

Record numbers of craft enthusiasts in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane supported 120 different breweries who made an exclusive festival brew just for the event.

It was a season of records with the Saturday session in Sydney being the single biggest session in the 13 year history of GABS.

This was after the sold out signs went up for the same session in Melbourne and the trend continued to Brisbane, which also experienced its best single session.

“In a time when the economy has tightened, it was incredible to see consumers get right behind all the amazing breweries at GABS and come out in such big numbers to support the industry” Mike Bray, GABS MD, said.

Besides being a fun event for consumers to connect with their favourite breweries, GABS also plays an important role in providing a platform for brewers to make some of their most creative beers of the year as GABS purchases 80,000L of brews from 120 different breweries.

The GABS Festival 8 Pack is a highly sought after annual pack stacked with an incredible range of brews.

So, no matter your taste palate, you are covered. Inside the new stylish black and gold box, you will discover:

craft bee beer

It's a Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum... and raisin pud pastry stout. Loaded with rum and raisin goodness, balanced with a rich and complex malt profile, decadent molasses, a pleasing bitterness and the sweetness of a pastry stout.

2. DOUBLE CHOC RUM Bad Shepherd Brewing Co

A smooth, toasty and malty brown ale loaded with the rich nuttiness of roasted hazelnuts and smooth chocolate. Brewed with real hazelnuts, vanilla, cocoa, Jimmy Rum and a splash of Frangelico, this tempting brew was squirreled away by our brewers into Rum barrels – soaking up the goodness of everything they have to offer. The result is a rich and decadent Double Choc Hazelnut Brown Ale with plenty of character - chocolate, hazelnuts, rum and oak combine to create a luscious beer that is worth celebrating!


Sneak a sample of this sublime sour ale and transport yourself to Willy Wonka's factory. Tart, juicy blueberries come together with the subtle sweetness of marshmallow and a smooth, creamy mouthfeel. Blend it with Augustus Gloop's Choc Fudge Peanut Brittle Stout from Batch Brewing Co to create a scrumdiddlyumptious concoction so incredible that you'll feel like you've won your very own Golden Ticket.

4. LUSH Green Beacon x Vodka Cruiser collaboration

Refreshing, tart and spritzy. Lush guava flavours & aromas create an easy drinking, thirst quenching sour ale with a dry finish.

5. KEEPING IT SIMPLE BentSpoke Brewing Co

Nothing worthwhile comes easily. Drifting off the beaten track allows you to explore roads less travelled. The Drifter series will broaden horizons, drift in and out, and will no doubt bend a few spokes along the way. Drifting is KEEPING IT SIMPLE. It’s Just Another IPA.


Bright and zippy like a Gimlet. This special release pushes the boundaries with Eclipse hops by HPA featured in the whirlpool, dry hop and Spectrum additions, alongside a touch of Citra LUPOMAX. Native Desert Limes bring a unique citrus flavour combined with the heads of our very own Koroit Gin.

7. UNICORN NEIPA Seeker Brewing For this year’s GABS special, all of our mystical energy was channeled into a beer that can only be described as a Unicorn. It boasts a familiar, tropical, juicy flavour and a sprinkle of magic that may have you questioning whether it ever existed at all. The rest of the tasting notes - we leave to you

8. OTIE & THE BLOWFISH Rocky Ridge Brewing Co

Yo, we heard you like big dumb sours...We've got you covered with this rambunctious triple fruited imperial sour. Packed full of enough fruit to keep you buzzing for a hot minute, there's only one thing you can do, get a mouthful of fruit..

By purchasing this limited-edition pack, you will receive a $30 merchandise discount voucher and one entry to win a trip to GABS Melbourne 2024.

The lucky winner and a mate will be heading off on a VIP trip to Melbourne 2024 including return flights or limo transfers for Victorians, 2 nights accommodation, tickets to all five sessions and 1 x $100 GABS Festival gift card..

There are only a limited number of these packs made and they are available now exclusively at Dan Murphy’s and selected BWS stores nationwide from only $54.99



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