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Girl in 60's pink shirt

Ever been told you are too old to wear a pair of jeans? Or a bikini? Or perhaps long hair ages anyone over 40?

Those old fashion "rules" are just rubbish! Fashion is all about feeling good - and if you feel good, you will look even better!

An inspirational mother and daughter duo have created Motto Fashions, home of clothing which captures both ends of the market.

Founder Faye Browne, 69, believes fashion should be fun and your age embraced and utilised as a celebration of the life you’ve lived.

Faye and her designer daughter, Lauren French, 36, have become a daily highlight for thousands of women across the age groups as they embrace the joy of dressing in their daily Facebook and Instagram livestreams.

The pair are veterans of the fashion industry, designing and creating clothes that bring confidence to women of any age and any size.

“Fashion has always been about youth and being something that you are not,” Faye said. “But as you get older you start to know who you are. The best thing about fashion is being able to project that spirit with the clothes you wear.

“With ageing comes a natural change to your shape as well as your mindset so you almost have to start again ... and then understand the style you want to project.

Motto Fashion
Lauren and Faye from Motto Fashion

And at almost 70 Faye is adamant she does not adhere to the idea that with age comes invisibility.

“It is about your personality. You can look stylish at any age,” Faye says. “It needs to be flattering, but it also has to be comfortable."

Lauren shows an everyday approach to fashion as she has small children and is always on the go, whereas Faye likes to dress up and be adventurous.

“It is not about looking attractive and slim. It’s about projecting yourself and reflecting that in your clothes,” she said.

“As you get older you need to add more interest with your outfit as simplistic dressing lets everything stand out. Bold styling, with jewellery actually makes the lines and wrinkles disappear.

“The confidence you have built up in your life show through in your clothing."

As a mum with young children, Lauren likes to embrace a more classic, functional look compared to Faye’s edgy vibe.

“When your kids are little, you don’t have time for yourself, and you just want to be comfortable,” she said.

“Then your kids get to high school and all of a sudden you have time for yourself again and you’ve lost your sense of style.

“We hear this from thousands of women every week. They often go back to their pre-baby style, but it doesn’t feel right because they are 10 years older.”

Lauren said their livestreams had helped create a community with many women organising meet ups to connect and enjoy fashion together.

Others have found the confidence to post photos of themselves for the first time and been overwhelmed by the positive responses.

“You have to own your own space and in Motto you can’t help but be noticed. We are not beige, we are bright orange and hot pink,” she said.



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