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Dr Amy Carmichael
Dr Amy Carmichael

Dr Amy Carmichael is a dedicated nutritional functional medical doctor with a clear mission: to delve into the fundamental causes of symptoms and diseases using a biology-centred approach.

Dr Carmichael, based on the Gold Coast, actively works on a patient's lifestyle factors such as nutrition, exercise, nutritional supplements and psychology to guide them towards healthier lives.

Her path into this domain was paved by a personal passion for holistic health.

Dr Carmichael said she embraced holistic practices to improve her own well-being, and now can identify with patients who find themselves in a perplexing situation when traditional medical tests yield normal results but they still feel unwell.

"I did a lot of different things to improve anxiety when i was younger, including lifestyle changes, mindset, exercise and natural and alternative treatments," she said.

"I treat people who feel there's something going on but often don't feel they have got the answers or are still chronically ill despite various medications.

"I also optimise people's health. A lot of entrepreners who prioritise their efficiency at work often come to ensure they are on track. A bulk of my work is mental health - stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD and how plant medicines can alleviate peoples sufferings."

Australia, like many western nations, is grappling with a surge in preventable diseases.

Dr Carmichael identifies a key culprit: lifestyle choices. Highly processed and sugary foods, along with excessive alcohol consumption, contribute significantly to the rising rates of cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, and addiction.

These health challenges, she says, are largely preventable and reversible through lifestyle changes.

When it comes to her dietary philosophy, Dr Carmichael advocates whole foods and fresh ingredients.

Her daily meals consist of abundant fruits and vegetables. A typical day in her diet might start with a blueberry smoothie for breakfast, followed by a protein-rich salad for lunch.

Dinner features a vegetable-centric dish with ample protein, and post-workout, she turns to sweet potatoes seasoned with paprika to satisfy her hunger.

A Journey into Competitive Body Transformation

Dr Carmichael ventured into the world of bikini competitions as a personal challenge to transform her physique.

Although she didn't clinch the top prize, the experience yielded invaluable insights. She discovered that weight training, as opposed to cardio, played a pivotal role in building muscle mass.

Her diet underwent a significant shift, as she increased her food intake and witnessed a reduction in body fat percentage while achieving a well-toned physique.

Former Half Marathon Competitor

Beyond bikini competitions, Dr. Carmichael was also a competitive half marathon runner.

To fuel her body for these demanding races, she ensured a diet rich in slow-releasing carbohydrates.

Whether before or after training sessions, her go-to choices were sweet potatoes or oats, providing the sustained energy required for endurance running.



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