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As they say, New Year, new you! As you wind down for the holiday season, it's time to reflect on what you want to personally achieve in 2024. Here are the top wellness trends to look out for.

1. FITNESS CHALLENGES: It doesn't seem that long ago when all events were cancelled, but now we have ridden the COVID wave, it's time to gather your friends and start training for a fun event!

If you were inspired by SAS Australia True Grit is a great event to look into. They are run in five States of Australia, and always located in picturesque settings so you can make a day of it.

There are also lots of fun runs, from the Sydney Marathon to the Real Insurance Sydney Harbour 10k/5k for those who prefer a short, fast track.

If you are someone who prefers a BFT-style functional workout, HYROX has finally made its way to Australian shores.

HYROX is a fitness race that is trending worldwide, as it is challenging, but is also achievable as it utilises exercises seen in a functional fitness class.

2. SLEEP YOGA: It's time embrace Yoga Nidra, which is the practice of conscious sleep for wellness and restoration.

Meditation expert and founder of Heavily Meditated, Caitlin Cady says rooted in ancient Indian traditions, Yoga Nidra presents a transformative approach to holistic wellbeing.

This practice involves a series of body, breath, and awareness techniques aimed at guiding you into a profound state of consciousness by shifting your focus from the physical body to a more ethereal plane.

Think of it as a cosmic nap, and the best part? You do it while lying down. Yoga Nidra stands out as a welcoming gateway for newcomers to the world of mindfulness.

3. DIGITAL WELLNESS: It's time to embrace technology which promotes mental and physical health.

There are many wellness apps, online fitness programs and digital platforms for stress management meditation.

One of our favourite fitness programs is a new type of water running workout, Fluid Running, an app-based workout that utilises the resistance of water for both an effective workout and minimises the risk of injury.

4. RETHINK YOUR DRINK: There's no doubt that Aussies enjoy a drink! But did you know, according to recent Roy Morgan research, consumption of the “big three” - wine, beer and spirits - were all down in 2023 compared with 2022? Mick Spencer, co-founder of Gravity Seltzer says: “There has been a huge shift in the alcohol market, with more people making a conscious choice to re-think their drinking habits, both by reducing their consumption, and choosing lighter options when they drink, such as drinks with less sugar."

The research also found that RTDs (Ready to Drink), led by the increasing popularity of Hard Seltzer, was up by 16.7%. - largely driven by Millennials and Gen Z drinkers.

5. PLANT BASED DIETS: The focus on less processed and sugary food will continue in 2024, with interest rising in plant-based and vegetarian diets for health and environmental reasons.

People will incorporate more plant-based proteins, vegetables and whole foods into their daily meals, devour less takeaways and be more mindful of what they eat.



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