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With an expected increase in fly numbers over the festive season, a new report has revealed that 77 percent of Aussies are willing to forgo festive season staples to enjoy a fly-free celebration.

And Mortein, which has been protecting people and their homes against insects since the 1880s, is declaring war on the infamous Louie the Fly and his disgusting friends with the ultimate fly hunt, announcing fly season officially open.

Moretin commissioned The Buzz Report, which revealed how annoying the nation finds flies, with around three in ten (29%) Aussies admitting they would be willing to forgo a day at the beach or pool, closely followed by the Christmas ham (28%) and even more than a quarter (28%) saying they would give up alcohol for them to buzz off so they can retain their buzz. 

To help combat the heart-breaking devastation that over half (52%) of Aussies feel when a fly lands in their drink during summer, Mortein has declared war on flies, launching an exhilarating nationwide hunt for the most famous fly in the world, Louie.

Wanted dead or ... dead, Mortein is offering a hefty bounty of up to $10,000**** for his prickly head, making the legendary insect the centre of attention.

Committed to the cause, Mortein has appointed a Chief Fly Hunter and enlisted the help of an ex-FBI Forensic Artist to join in on the search.

Mortein Chief Fly Hunter, Luke Falzon, known for his love for the outdoors and even deeper love for fishing, is ready to get hunting, encouraging Aussies to get involved.

“Having experienced firsthand the annoyance and disruption caused by flies on my daily fishing escapades, I understand how important having a fly-free festive season is for many Aussies," Luke said.

"I am all in, dedicated to my mission to eliminate these pesky flies along the way to the infamous, hard-to-catch winged character, Louie the Fly.”

FBI Forensic Artist said: “In my 17-year career as a FBI forensic artist, I’ve had to sketch some disgusting, unsavoury criminals, but Louie ‘The Fly’ has to be one of the worst.”

Mortein is calling on Aussies to rally together and embark on this unique quest to hunt Louie the Fly down and eliminate him.

The hunt isn't just about the prize; it is a collective endeavour to reclaim the joy of the festive season, ridding it of fly disruptions, in an unprecedented mission for a memorable, Louie-free festive season.

To join the Louie the Fly Hunt and claim the bounty, Aussie’s will need to exterminate a fly, using a tool of their choice (we recommend Mortein’s fire power).

Fly hunters must then log onto, fill in their details and use the filter feature to identify whether they have captured the notorious Louie the Fly (or not).

Luke Falzon
Mortein Chief Fly Hunter, Luke Falzon,
Mortein Chief Fly Hunter Luke Falzon

Here are Mortein Chief Fly Hunter, Luke Falzon's Top Fly Hunting Tips: 

  1. Make sure you have a strong, composed stance – much like the Karate Kid, dig your heels in and make sure you are ready to pounce.

  2. It’s essential you have your tool set of water for the hunt, sunscreen (if outdoors) and I’m choosing Mortein (of course!), for a fast & effective knock down.

  3. Have a good mindset and manifest yourself catching Louie the fly – close your eyes, squeeze them tight, clench your fists and imagine you are Louie, and your fate is sealed.

  4. Stretch and warm up for the hunt. You must ensure you are ready to get hunting – you cannot run the risk of a stitch or a cramp, or else Louie will remain on the fly.

  5. Activate stealth mode and hunt your prey. Imagine you're a large cat in the Sahara Dessert, stalking your prey. Be quiet but stay fierce.. and you may have a chance.

Key findings of The Buzz Report include: 

  • Over three in four (77%) Aussies are willing to forgo something this festive season in order to enjoy a fly-free festive season. Followed by:

  • A beach days/pool day (29%) 

  • Alcohol (28%)

  • Christmas ham (28%) 

  • Receiving presents (25%)

  • Afternoon naps (24%) 

  • Christmas lunch (19%) 

  • Spending time with family and friends (17%) 

  • 25% of Aussies say they would give up receiving presents, and one in five (19%) would be willing to give up their Christmas lunch if it meant they could enjoy a fly-free festive season.

  • 52% of Aussies agree that a fly landing in a drink they are enjoying over the festive season is absolutely heart-breaking. 

  • 62 million glasses or approximately 12.4 million** litres of drink is discarded over a typical festive season in Australia due to fly contamination.

  • 17 million*** kilograms of food is discarded over a typical festive season in Australia due to fly contamination.

Louie the Fly Hunt T&C’s 

****Aus. 18+ only. Starts 4/12/23 12:01am AEDT. Ends 24/12/23 11:59pm AEDT. Limit 1 entry/person/day. Max 1 prize/person (excl. SA). Major Prize: 2 x $3,500 & 1 x $3,000 digital Mastercard ($10,000 total); Minor Prizes: 100 x $50 digital Mastercard. Major prize winner published at on 8/1/24. Promoter: RB (HYGIENE HOME) AUSTRALIA PTY LTD, ABN  58 629 549 506, L 47/680 George St, Sydney NSW 2000. See for Terms and Conditions. NSW Authority No. TP/03149. Permit No's: ACT TP23/02463 & SA 23/1883. 

For more information on the Louie the Fly Hunt, see here 

About Mortein: A true Aussie success story, Mortein dates back to the 1870s when J. Hagemann, a German immigrant to Australia, pioneered several pest control solutions. Mortein is now a household brand, available in many locations around the world. 



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