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Men undergo sperm tests for many reasons, such as evaluating fertility or assessing the impact of medical treatments on sperm health. But as many know, doing a test in a clinic can be .... interesting, to say the least. Perhaps it's the bad 80s porn, wifi issues, performance anxiety or the door not locking properly. And then there is the embarrassing sample hand-over to random receptionist. 

Or, if you do it at home, it's a mad dash to get it to a clinic within am hour. And let's not talk about the horror story of having to doing it in the car (yep!) or an office bathroom as close as possible to the testing facility because they don't have collection rooms. 

Now, Australian born male fertility health tech, Sapyen, has delivered the first ever laboratory-grade, at-home semen analysis to retail shelves in Australia via Terry White Chemmart Arana Hills. 

“Accessing in-clinic testing isn't just embarrassing and expensive; it's also inherently challenging to access for many men due to the 12-month waiting period”. Ashwin Ramachandran, founder of Sapyen said.

“At Sapyen, we built a lab-quality male fertility test that's as accessible as a pregnancy test - something men could pick up and do in the comfort of their home, all at a price that is cheaper than going into a lab."

Sapyen’s patent-pending sperm stabilisation medium, SPX72, is the breakthrough technology that enables a complete at-home solution to testing that is 135.4% more accurate than other competing diagnostics and cheaper than in-clinic options.

The SPX72 medium is a fluid that effectively turns sperm into 72 hour endurance swimmers, giving it time to get from your home to a testing facility via your local postie.

Without SPX72, sperm needs to be tested within one hour of collection before its quality declines significantly.

With a staggering 62.25% of Aussie men unable to get to a collection centre within that timeframe due to the scarcity of facilities, this is virtually impossible for men who want or are asked to collect at home. 

Customer Adam knows this all too well, after trying to conceive for 12 months with no success.

“We decided to take control and seek out sperm analysis options after we were told to just go away and keep trying for another six months before obtaining a referral for testing, that’s when we came across Sapyen," he said.

"No one had told us we could do it all from home without having to go into a clinic and have such a comprehensive report delivered to us within three days - it’s been life changing”. 

When trying to conceive, most investigations centre on the woman yet 40-50% of the problems couples face in trying to conceive are due to the man.

The simplicity of male fertility testing and the often easy lifestyle changes that can improve sperm quality could help avoid many invasive tests that women are forced to undergo unnecessarily, saving couples thousands of dollars on their journey to have a child.

Sapyen offers the most comprehensive at-home male fertility test available for $149, covering all nine fertility parameters conducted at National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited pathology labs Australia-wide.

A personalised report is then received within three days providing results and clear explanations on your next steps, including information for your medical practitioner if further interventions are required. 

Sapyen Test Kits are available now on shelves at Terry White Chemmart Arana Hills store or online at



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