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rspca inspectors with puppies

Get active and set the pace for animal welfare by participating in RSPCA’s Rescue Run from October 18 to 31.

By running, walking or rolling 56 km for the 56,000 animal cruelty complaints RSPCA receives nationally each year, you can help prevent animal cruelty and be a hero for animals in need.

“Although the Rescue Run target of 56km might sound intimidating, when you break it down, the daily average is only 4km over a two-week period.

"hat’s around 5,500 steps per day for the average person,” RSPCA NSW Inspector, James Arentz, who will run the rescue this October for a second time, said,.

“I think the rescue run is a fantastic way for people to get their body moving in the sunshine and fresh air this spring, whilst supporting a very special cause.”

The RSPCA NSW Inspectorate performs a crucial role in enforcing state animal cruelty legislation. Each kilometre you run, walk, or roll represents one thousand cruelty reports investigated by our Inspectorate across the country.

“Our inspectors are out on the road every single day, educating the community on responsible pet ownership and rescuing animals who have experienced cruelty," James said,

"Rescue Run is a unique opportunity for the community to improve their own wellbeing whilst improving the wellbeing of neglected and abandoned animals.” Every dollar raised from Rescue Run will make a difference to the lives of the animals who have been rescued from cruelty. For example,

$35 can provide a kennel, bath, and meals for a neglected dog that has been rescued.

$55 can help pay for the transport of animals to shelters to increase their chance of being adopted.

$100 could subsidise the cost of prosecuting a cruelty offender in court.

Register today for free at



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