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woman with lovely long blonde hair

Did you know achieving loose beach waves is an easy as .... well, a day on the beach! Grab the right products and soon you will be the envy of your friends, Here, award winning stylist Kerrie Dimattia reveals just how it's done!

1.Begin by sectioning your hair horizontally, from temple to temple combining the top and crown areas and loosely clipping them up.

2. In the nape area, take a vertical section, elevate it to about 90 degrees horizontally, and adjust the section size based on hair density and desired curl (2-3 large sections are recommended for this look, you are looking not looking for a lot of curl)

3. Before ironing, spray each section with Joico Heat Hero or Humidity Blocker for hold & heat protection.

4. Hold the iron parallel to your section, place it over the section, close it gently & flip it 180 degrees and slowly move it down the section with medium tension. Adjust tension for stubborn hair textures and the speed of movement for varying curl intensity.

5. Now move to the sides, and repeat the same method, varying the direction to create a tousled look but always turning the iron away from the face on the front section.

6. Unclip the top and crown area. Here, your sections will be pie-shaped to maintain the vertical section angle.

7. Repeat the process, focusing on the midshaft and ends rather than the roots of your sections & remember to glide the iron down toward your chest not out toward your shoulder

8. Finish by running your fingers through the waves to create a lived-in appearance.

9. Set the waves with another light spray of Joico Humidity Blocker & finish in either Joico Body Shake or Beach Shake depending on the thickness of your hair.



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