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cerebral palsy sufferer
Jordie with her mum, Jasmine

Six-year-old Jordie, born with cerebral palsy, has found newfound mobility, thanks to the innovative use of frequency medicine. It enabled her to regain her ability to walk, run and dance - all without the need for medications, injections, or medical procedures. Here, Claire Dunkley, founder of Cluzie Clinic in Queensland, talks to Lifestyle News about the therapy, and how it works.

Q: Tell me a little about yourself.

My passion for total health, along with genuine concern for the health of individual Australians, led me to Amino Neuro Frequency (ANF) Therapy. I left the primary care hospital system, after working for years as a nurse, and sought a way to help proactively manage health to help people actually heal.

I gained insight into the power of frequency medicine as an innovative treatment modality of the future, and dedicated two years to eventually become Oceania’s first fully qualified ANF practitioner.

At the very forefront of innovation in medicine, I was one of the first three people in the world to be trained to the highest level in ANF Therapy, one of two ANF educators in Australia, and (along with business partner Suzie) now the exclusive importer of ANF Discs to Australia and New Zealand.

Q: Tell me more about Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy - what is it, and how does it work?

Frequency Medicine is a treatment method based on scientific research from the field of physics and western medicine.

The basis of all Frequency Medicine began with the discovery of Quantum Physics, according to which every substance has characteristics of vibration and mass. Thus, every substance (such as cells, organs, viruses, bacteria and parasites), produces electromagnetic waves with a measurable frequency.

Early in the 20th century, scientists began performing measurements of frequencies characteristic of organs and processes in the body.

They found that sick people have different frequencies than those of healthy people, and realised this can be a basis for diagnosis and treatment of different disease states.

Our holistic clinic Cluzie offers therapy, training and wholesale distribution of Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy, the most powerful and efficacious form of Frequency Medicine now available.

After years of research into the body’s electrical frequencies, European medical specialist, Dr Mikel HG Hoff, developed wearable discs containing carbonised metal (developed by NASA) that hold electrical charges of certain frequencies.

These frequencies match those naturally emitted by different parts of the body, so when the right combination of them are worn, the body is able to reset to normal functioning, thereby reducing inflammation, decreasing pain and allowing the body to heal. There are hundreds of different discs, each with their own unique frequency and function.

In science speak, Cluzie uses a non-thermal Electro Magnetic Frequency device that is non-ionizing, meaning it has the capacity to add or reduce energy to a cell by increasing or decreasing its rate of oscillation without changing its molecular structure.

These devices, referred to as ANF Discs, can help with acute or chronic musculoskeletal conditions such as chronic low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, arthritis, healing from injury, improving sports performance, chronic migraines, insomnia, fibromyalgia, hormone regulation and more.

For those with injury or pain, applying ANF Discs often means an instant reduction in pain levels. Function can increase just as quickly. For those suffering chronic pain and inflammation where different treatments have been tried without much success, ANF can be a game-changer.

As Australia’s leading ANF provider and training specialist, we all about helping people find health and vitality in life to live longer and better, with profound ramifications for immediate and long-term physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of Australians.

Cluzie champions health and changes lives; on the frontier of modern medicine and therapeutic innovation,.

Q: Please tell us more about Jordie.

A: Jordan, more affectionately known as Jordie, was born with cerebral palsy, impacting her physical ability to move, maintain balance and achieve good posture.

Although on the milder spectrum of this motor disability and spasticity, Jordie suffers extreme weakness and problems using her muscles.

She did not learn to walk until the age of four. When she eventually did walk, it was with great difficulty and lacked coordination, particularly on her left side.

One foot never fully flattened or could be placed in full connection with the ground until receiving ANF Therapy.


Q: How did you help Jordie?

A: ANF Therapy discs were used to help treat the tension, inflammation and malfunction of muscles to and from the affected foot area.

This allowed the muscles to relax and the body’s systems work in unison to create a level of ease and ability in the affected area. This translated to a significantly enhanced mobility and physical ability in Jordie within minutes.

Jordie was able to walk with her heels on the ground and squat very low post having the Discs applied.

Q: Why do you call ANF a revolution for modern healthcare?

A: The impact Cluzie Enterprises has on peoples’ lives is conclusively and unequivocally life-changing.

The impact ANF Therapy is having on health outcomes for Aussies is ground-breaking and transformational.

It’s a revolution for modern healthcare as it uses a little known concept – Frequency Medicine - to heal without the need for drugs, needles or medical-intervention.

It’s a new, safe, efficacious and powerful way to heal without many of the side-effects of traditional medicine.



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