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Fiona Falkiner (centre) with friends supporting Poise

One in three Australian women experience bladder leakage at some stage in their life, often during pregnancy, after childbirth or throughout menopause, new research reveals.

And bladder leakage causes negative feelings for the majority (97%) of those experiencing the condition, with women saying they feel uncomfortable, embarrassed and not in control of their body, leading many to feel isolated and without the right help.

In fact, over three in five (61%) have not spoken with a GP or health professional and nearly half (46%) have never discussed it with their family or friends, and more than one in four (28%) have never discussed their symptoms with anyone.

Highlights from the research also found:

  • The surprising reality of bladder leakage: Four in five (82%) Australian mothers have experienced bladder leakage, but over half (52%) of expecting mothers are unaware of how common it is.

  • Still a taboo topic: More than half (54%) of mothers agree that urinary incontinence is still a taboo topic of conversation for Australian women, likely due to feelings of shame, embarrassment and not knowing how to start the conversation.

  • A need for rehabilitation and resources: Three in four (75%) Australian mothers say that they wish pelvic floor rehabilitation and resources were subsidised by Australian health services just like some European countries.

Model and TV host Fiona Falkiner said she was one one of the thousands of Australian women who would never speak about bladder leakage.

"Experiencing bladder leakage has made me feel ashamed and let down by my body. It’s something I was too scared to talk to anyone about. But, that stops now.”

Poise ANZ sat down with Fiona Falkiner and other women to learn their first-hand experiences with bladder leakage.

The first-of-its-kind Poise Pledge campaign looks to break the silence around bladder leakage and empower women to take action.

As a result, the brand has launched the Poise Pelvic Floor Support Hub with qualified Physiotherapist, Caitlin Dunsford to help women better understand their bladder leakage, offering tailored advice, exclusive content and product support.

On top of this, the Hub includes an easily accessible and free physiotherapy-led 12 Weeks to a Stronger Pelvic Floor Program (valued at $79), to help women achieve a stronger pelvic floor and reduce bladder leakage symptoms3.

Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Caitlin Dunsford said:: “I’m honoured to work with the Poise brand to provide Australian women with the right knowledge and support. It’s important for women to know that they don’t need to go through this alone and they can do something about it.”



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