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Bali Body Instant tan cream

Discover the new must-have beauty products handpicked by Lifestyle News. From a refreshing face spritz to a revitalising tonic shot and a luxurious face moisturiser, these essentials will elevate your skincare routine. Join us as we explore these innovative products that will leave you feeling pampered and refreshed.

1. BALI BODY INSTANT TAN CREAM: Bali Body is shaking up the self-tanning game with its brand new Instant Tan Cream, which is both creamy and hydrating. This no-commitment bronzer is the ultimate solution for a sun-kissed look. It's packed with skin-loving essentials, including vitamin E, jojoba oil and lactic acid, and goes on like a hydrating moisturiser, sinking into the skin with a matte finish.

Sukin product

2. SUKIN CLEANSING OIL & MOISTURISER: We're not surprised Sukin is Australia's top natural skincare brand - Lifestyle News is obsessed! It has just added two new products to its signature range, a cleansing oil and a facial moisturiser. The natural oil is infused with Sunflower, Macadamia and Avocado Oil to gently melt away waterproof makeup,, SPF and any nasty build up, while the moisturiser is made with Rice Powder to control oils throughout the day - and both smell divine!

Alya Skin facial spritz

3. ALYA SKIN FACIAL SPRITZ: Alya Skin has just launched its first hydrating and nourishing Facial Spritz, a quintessential beauty companion for achieving refreshed and luminous skin anytime, anywhere. Formulated with Yacon Root Juice Extract, a key ingredient revered for its ability to nourish and harmonise the skin’s microbiome, this spritz is like a rejuvenating protein shake for your complexion. 

Dry Shampoo

 4. JUSTICE HAIRCARE DRY SHAMPOO: Justice Haircare's new affordable, salon-quality Dry Shampoo offers a quick and effortless solution to maintain fresh-looking hair between washes. Whether you’re on the move or seeking a speedy refresh, this dry shampoo guarantees fantastic results with just a quick spray. It’s anti-static, adds volume, moisturises the hair and scalp - and best of all, extends the time between shampoos and blow drys!


JVA tonic

5. JIVA TONIC: Let's drink to healthier, more radiant skin! Jiva Tonics come in specific flavours that target your skin’s health: The Glow Tonic focuses on healthy collagen production allowing your skin to be as radiant as possible; the Defender Tonic offers an infusion of probiotics, well known for supporting the skin microbiome, ultimately preventing skin damage and irritation and the Ginger+ Tonic is packed with Vitamin C, which works to brighten the skin and even skin tone. Best, of all, they taste great!


facial oil

6. KENZAKO REPAIRING FACIAL OIL: KenzaKo has introduced two new products, Radiant Facial Serum and Repairing Facial Oil, crafted to nourish the skin and provide a youthful glow. Featuring potent ingredients such as CoQ10 (CoEnzyme Q10), Certified Organic Pomegranate Oil, Vitamin C, Prickly Pear Oil, Natural Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin A, and Certified Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil, the entire KenzaKo’s skincare range is designed to repair and replenish the skin through concentrated formulations.

shea moisture cream

7. SHEA MOISTURE CURL ENHANCING SMOOTHIE: One for the curly girls and boys! SheaMoisture, the leading brand in natural and sustainable haircare, has just introduced this curl-enhancing coconut and hibiscus smoothie which repairs and restores locks post-summer. Key ingredients include Fair Trade Shea Butter, Coconut Oil & Hibiscus Flower and Neem Oil & Silk Protein.



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