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Many of us enjoy a drink to unwind - but not the sugar and calories! Now, GRAVITY has launched a new line of hard sodas which suits both the budget and the waistline.

The range has three flavours—Citrus Explosion, Ginger & Lime, and Lemoncello. They all pack bold flavours, plenty of fizz, and no nasties such as sugar, carbs, or gluten. And they are Australian-made.

Founded by mates Mick Spencer and Liam Battye, GRAVITY is changing the beverage industry to one full-flavoured beverage at a time.

They launched in 2022 with a “better-for-you” alcoholic seltzer range that was powered by some of Australia’s leading pro athletes.

Now, they have decided to disrupt the RTD market and will have several launches coming up this year. 

“HardER Soda is a drink for the people,” Mick said.

“It was important for us to deliver a drink that packs a punch, is full of flavour, has low sugar, and does not have a hige price tag.

"It’s been our mission from day one to bring people together and create “better for you product” and HardER Soda is here to shake up the market."

The drinks 

HardER Soda Citrus Explosion 8% 

Why overload on sugar when a sip of Citrus Explosion can ignite your occasion? This vibrant blend from Gravity's HardER Soda range packs a zesty punch with 8% ABV in 250ml cans. Relish a burst of citrus flavours – sharp, crisp, clear, refreshing, and flavoursome – with less than 0.5g of sugar and only 105 calories. 

HardER Soda Ginger and Lime 8%

Want a less sugary liquid but all the flavour and kick? Ditch the heavy mixers and choose  Ginger+Lime 8% for your social sips. This powerful brew blends 8% vodka with the lively twist of ginger and the crisp zest of lime, all while staying light at under 0.5g of sugar and just 105 calories. 

Hard Soda Lemoncello | 5%

Are you tired of overly sugary lemon drinks that weigh you down? Welcome Gravity’s Hard Soda Lemoncello. With only 0.3g of sugar and 114 calories, this blend offers a pure, zesty flavour that is refreshingly crisp. It also has a delightful twist of artisanal limoncello crafted from the finest lemons, paired with five-times-distilled premium vodka. With every sip, Hard Soda Lemoncello takes you on a sunny European summer holiday.

“Our Hard Soda Lemoncello was crafted with the Aussie consumer who is over sugar in mind," Mick said.

"Aussies want full flavour without the sugar or calorie consequences. For those lucky enough to have experienced Limoncello on the Amalfi Coast of Italy, we note the light bitterness and zest it provides."

GRAVITY drinks are available at Vintage Cellars nationwide and some independent liquor stores chains.



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