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2024 is already here and it's time to commit to a New Years Resolution! Here, Lifestyle News lists five inspiring pledges to help you with your journey to a New Year, New You!

1. SAY GOODBYE TO TOXIC FRIENDS: British mental health campaigner Dawn-Maria France says on January 1 she went through her phone contact lists and asked herself if those people added value to her life, or caused drama. Then she removed all those she deemed toxic. "This has been the best New Year Resolution - ever for me., " she says. "I feel focus and know the people in my friendship group bring me positivity, support, love and strength - I have chosen to have these people in my life."

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2. LET GO OF NEGATIVE THOUGHTS: Sydney psychotherapist Eugenie Pepper says practicing gratitude and letting go of negative thoughts is a powerful New Year's resolution because it fundamentally shifts your mindset and approach to life. By focusing on gratitude and positivity, you can attract more positive experiences and opportunities into your life. When you appreciate what you have, you are more likely to notice new possibilities and be open to them. Letting go of negative thoughts can also free up mental and emotional space for new and enriching experiences.


3. ACHIEVE A GLOBAL GOAL: Global Goals Australia encourages people to commit to a United Nations global goal for sustainable development. There are 17 goals and 169 targets to choose from, including climate action, quality education, peace and well-being.

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4. MAKE CHANGE IN 10 MINUTES: Aussie author Rosanne Michie (pictured) says she has an ingenious way for you to make the changes you have always dreamt of - in just 10 minutes! Her new book, Change Your Life In 10 Minutes, details how it takes only 10 minutes to get started for lasting change. Her story weaves through the book, which is full of easy to digest info and 10-minutes hacks to move the blocks to transform your life.

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5. MINDFUL EATING: Business leader Sophie Fennelly has chosen mindful eating as her resolution, saying it's much more than just a diet change; it's a whole new approach to food. It's about being fully present during meals, appreciating the flavours, textures and the nourishment. By practicing mindful eating, Sophie wants to develop a healthier relationship with food and learn to listen to her body's cues. It's a step towards not just physical wellness, but also mental peace.



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