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Photo: Joshua Rawson-Harris/Unsplash

Are you ready to make a dreamy journey though some of life’s greatest transitions and challenges? Join us on May 20 at 6am AEST on May 21 (1pm May 20 MST) for the Free Dream Journey Webinar and learn how you can explore some of life’s most magical – and sometimes haunting – mysteries.

We’ll focus on topics such as nightmares, inspiration, creativity, menopause, life transitions, dream sessions, dream interpretation, spiritual awakening, and self-discovery—all from a women-centered perspective. You’ll come away ready to embark on your dream journey.

Dream Journeys to be Explored:

The Crossroads: Are you at a crossroads in your life? Going through menopause? Do you feel like the spiritual, emotional and physical ground is shifting below your feet? The Crossroads is a powerful place of change. Your dreams can lead you down the path to wholeness.

The Time Loop: Do you continually have a recurring dream? Are you stuck in a repeating pattern? Do you feel like your life is the same thing every day? The Time Loop will pass you through the circular nature of your reality to find the centre.

The Treasure Box: Are you starting a new business, working on a project that you need a solution for? Writing a book that you need inspiration for? Curious about lucid dreaming or dream incubation?

The Eclipse: Are you walking in darkness? Are you dreams more like nightmares, filled with dark imagery and emotions? The Eclipse is your symbol of renewal. Embrace your darkness to find your light.



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