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Do you find yourself sitting at your desk for hours? If you don’t exercise regularly, a desk-bound job can cause aches and pains as your muscles tighten and weaken. It’s essential to add in frequent movement throughout your day, and target specific parts of your body that are put under pressure as you sit and type away.

As well as aiming to stand up and take a quick walk every 20 to 30 minutes, try and incorporate some basic moves like squats, lunges or jumping jacks every now and then. Here are five easy exercises for desk bound workers.

1. Thoracic extension over foam roller

Lie on your back with a foam roller underneath your upper back and hold your head in your hands to support your neck. Take a big breath in and as you exhale, slowly stretch your upper back over the foam roller. Repeat this several times, as often as you can, targeting different areas of the upper back.

2. Basic shoulder/chest stretches

Stand in front of a doorframe and bring your arms up to your side with elbows bent at 90 degrees (think of the “don't shoot” position). With forearms resting on the doorframe, lean forward, keeping your head and chest up, feeling for the stretch across the front of your shoulders. Hold there for 5 or 6 big deep breaths, repeat several times throughout the day.

3. Rotator cuff exercise

You will need a Medifit Active Band for this one. Standing with elbows bent by your sides and palms up like you are carrying a tray of drinks in front of you, hold the resistance band in the palms of your hands. Pull your shoulders back, tighten up your tummy muscles, and keep your elbows at your sides as you pull the band apart. Perform 10-15 slow and controlled repetitions. Complete 2-4 sets.

4. Upper back strengthening exercises

These can be performed at the gym or at home with a simple Active Band. Using a cable row machine or having your band anchored around a fixed point in front of you, hold one handle in each hand with your arms extended out in front of your chest. Pull your shoulders blades back towards one another and bring your hands in towards your ribcage without shrugging your shoulders. Perform 10-15 repetitions. Complete 2-4 sets.

5. Neck stretch

This is a great one to relieve tension caused by hunching over a computer. It can be performed anytime, anywhere, for instant relief. Take an Active Band and stand on it evenly, holding both ends in your hands. Stand up straight, tuck your core in and send shoulders back and down. Lean your head to one side to stretch your neck for 10 seconds, then go to the other side. Do this 5 times each.

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