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Cooper Chapman
Cooper Chapman

Some of the nation's top athletes have invested in Australia's best tasting alcoholic seltzer, which is sugar free and low in calories.

Gravity Seltzer, founded in 2022, is a drink for people looking for a lighter choice when drinking alcohol, who love their mornings and hate feeling bloated with sugary after tastes.

"It's made for those who love to have fun, relax and kick back with an alcoholic beverage without the consequences of higher sugar, carbs or calories," a Gravity Seltzer spokesperson said.

There is no doubt Australia has a reputation for being a nation of heavy drinkers. However, a national survey of 2000 people has found that the younger demographic aged between 18-29 were cutting back substantially.

Another study from Roy Morgan found that consumption the “big three” alcohol types of wine, beer and spirits were all down on a year ago, with RTDs, (Ready To Drink) led by the increasing popularity of seltzer, up by 16.7%.

Athletes ironman Matt Poole, surfer Cooper Chapman, world champion wake boarder Harley Clifford, FMX Nitro Circus star Harry Bink and celebrity personal trainer Jenna Louise - with a social media following of more than two million - have all invested in the business.

Founders Mick Spencer and Liam Battye launched the product with the aim to to inspire the population to #ExploreMore of the outdoors and to rethink both their drinking habits and their contribution to the community.

Jenna Louise
Jenna Louise

The company has joined forces with Airseed, a Drone Tech company who plants trees via GPS tracked drones in NSW for Gravity.

In the past eight weeks, Gravity Seltzer and Airseed have planted 4,200 seed pods across 102,800.6sqm of land - removing 716.1kgs of Co2 in the Snowy Mountains.

In their first 12-18 months, Gravity Seltzer already captured two percent of the Hard Seltzer market in Australia and is arguably the fastest growing in Australia. The goal is 10% of the market within three years.

More than 192,000 cans were sold in their first trading yea,, and Gravity Seltzer has signed a 2+1 year contract to be the official seltzer supplier at Australia’s leading sports stadiums.



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